Location: Iran, Booshehr
Length: half day
Highlights: (architectural, ancient history of Iran, cuisine) Malek Mansion, Persian dinner

Transport: car

Start time: 18:00

Itinerary: First, we will dedicate time to visit Malek Mansion. In Bushehr port, there are several historical houses and Malek Mansion is one of them which belongs to the Qajar period. The history of construction of this mansion dates back to the time when Mohammad Mehdi Malek Al-Tajareh,a  Wealthy man of the Qajar period travelled to France, where a medieval palace catched his eye. On his return to Iran, he decided to build a model of that palace in his hometown with the help of French engineers; finally, the magnificent 4000- meter mansion was built. In the following, we will experience Persian dinner in traditional houses of Bushehr with traditional foods and desserts.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fee, meal