Location: Iran, Hamedan
Length: half day

Highlights: (architectural, history, cuisine) Ibne sina tomb, cooking class

Transport: car

Start time: 8:00

Itinerary: First we go to the tomb of Abu Ali Sina in Hamedan, one of the most famous philosophers and scientists of Iran, and one of the important attractions of this city. Next we go to the traditional bazaar of Hamedan. The traditional bazaar of Hamedan is one of the famous traditional bazaars of Iran and most of its buildings dates back to the Qajar period. A complex with an area of about 30 hectares, which consists of 36 bazaars and 26 inns and caravanserais, in which various buildings such as mosques, baths, zurkhaneh, teahouses, etc. can be seen. At the end we will get acquainted with local sweets and hwo to cook them.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fee, meal