Location: Iran, Khuzestan
length: full day/12 hours

highlights: (architectural, ancient history of Iran, cuisine) Choghzanbil Zigurat, Marashi historical house, Shushtar waterfalls

Transport:  car

Start time: 8:30 a.m.

itinerary: Drive for an hour to get to Susa (Shush) and visit Achaemenid Apadana palace, Susa museum and Danial Nabi tomb (prophet Daniel). Then drive to Choghzanbil Zigurat and visit this Elamite registered world heritage Zigurat from 1300 BC. Later drive through the Hafttape sugar cane farms to visit Haf Tappe historic hill and museum. Afterwards drive to Shushtar town and visit another registered world heritage site, Shushtar waterfalls and also visit the historic dams over the big rivers going through Shushtar.at the end of tour, you will have dinner with a local family.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fee, meal