If you want to create an Iran green travel plan:

1. Start With Green Vacation Planning

The best place to start in your green travel plan is to begin with simple green vacation planning and brainstorming.

2. Look at Green Destinations and the Top Green Cities

We put together this list of the top green cities. If you’re looking for a great green destination these are the places to visit.

3. Search for Green Travel and Green Plane Tickets (Non Stop Flights are Best)

To give back to the environment the best way you can check out our post on green air travel (and don’t forget about searching for nonstop flights or giving back to the environment just by searching for plane tickets.)

4. Get Green Travel Gear

We have tons of green travel gear reviews. Check them out. (Some of our favorite posts include Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Luggage Scales, and Travel Shoes.)

5. Carbon Offset If You’d Like

6. Book a Green Hotel

Here are our top posts about green hotels. There’s a good read through here.

7. Go!

And you’re off. It’s that easy to create a green travel plan. Who knew?