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Classic Route Cycling Tour

A comprehensive two-wheeled tour of Iran for 15 days will be enough to give you a good taste of the country biking through the amazing landscapes.
2-12 or private tour Person 15 Days
Explore Classic Route Cycling trip route on the map!
Classic Route Cycling trip route

This fifteen-day bike adventure has been carefully designed to offer some of the best riding and most popular attractions in central Iran. The adventure begins in Tehran and ends in Shiraz and covers Iran beautiful mountains and breath-taking deserts. This gives you plenty of time to discover and enjoy the authentic Iran, in addition to all the other highlights of the tour. The tour includes best available accommodations, camping, all dining, and exciting group activities.

Highlights: Take a unique bike tour in Iran along the fascinating mountain and panoramic roads in the Iran central desert and High Zagros Mountains, immerse yourself in the the oriental scents of the historic part of vibrant cities of Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz, ride by the three amazing salt lakes around Qom, Isfahan and Shiraz and the ancient caravanserais off-road, visit some of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Iran including Yazd city, Persepolis, Pasargadae, Necropolis, Naghsh-e Jahan square and be amazed by the scenic diversity and beauty of Iran as you cross the country almost in the middle.



weekly tour on Saturdays or private tour on request
Group Size
min. 2 / max. 8
 or private tour on request
cycling, private transport
Meals Included
all meals
hotels for 14 nights
Tourist Guide
Entrance Fee
included for the mentioned monuments in the itinerary
Pick-up Service
airport transfers included
Tour Activity Level



Day 1 Tehran
We see the National Museum and then we go to Tehran Grand Bazaar and walk there. We go to the Jewelry museum where a collection of the most precious jewelry in the world is collected.
We visit the Golestan Palace including Mirror Hall. The evening is at leisure.
On the way to Varamin, we pass Share-Rey. In this city, we see the relief of Fath Ali Shah. After that we go to Toghrol Tower. It is known that in ancient times, this tower was used to determine the time. We visit Bahram Fire Temple, Rey Fire Temple or Mill Hill, monuments of the Sassanid era.
We bike from Varamin to Qasr Bahram Caravanserai. If the route is difficult and demanding, we can be accompanied by a driver and car in a part of the route. The caravanserai is located in the desert and we can have an astronomy program if possible.
We bike to Kashan, along the way, if we feel tired, we use a car. We visit Tabatabai House and Boroujerdi House and finally visit Finn Garden.
We will go to the Jame Mosque, which represents the exquisite history and architecture of the Islamic period, then we will go to the Natanz fire temple which belongs to the Sassanid era and take a tour of it. Then we will go to Chahar ivani caravanserai or Qaleh Kohab.
We will bike the route from Natanz to Isfahan and if we get tired, we will use a car. We will have a tour of Naghsh Jahan Square and visit the beautiful mosques of Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah, and after that we will go to Ali Qapool .
We will visit Vank Cathedral and walk in the Armenian district of Julfa. Then we will go to the historical bridges of Isfahan which are located on the Zayandeh River.
We go to Shahreza Jame Mosque, one of the most outstanding historical monuments related to the Seljuk period which has a large nave, a painted altar and a stone pulpit.
On the way to Abadeh, we pass the city of Izadkhast and visit its historical castle, which belongs to the Sassanid era. It’s a five- floor castle, which sound unique according to the number of floors at that period. Along the way, if you get tired, you can use a car.
We will have a tour of the city, we can go to the park e of Cheshmeh Rasoolullah.
We walk towards Dashtak and along the way, if possible, we will visit Bahram Goor swamp near Aspas area. Due to the long route and exhaustion, we can pass some part of the route with a car. Finally, we will have a nomadic camp in Dashtak area.
We move to Persepolis, and see the most important Achaemenid works and architectural wonders of the world.
At the entrance of the beautiful city of Shiraz, we pass the Quran Gate and visit it, then we go to the Zandieh complex, which includes citadels, gardens and mosques, and visit these historical places.4
In the morning we go to Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and enjoy the eye catching lighting created by the sun. We go to Shahcheragh shrine and visit the ancient historical Atigh mosque nearby.

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