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Kurdistan Tour

Make your visit to Kurdistan in western Iran and earn an unforgettable experience for 7 days including Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Paveh and Marivan.
2-8 Person 7 Days
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Kurdistan trip route

Make your visit to Kurdistan in western Iran and earn an unforgettable experience for 7 days including Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Paveh and Marivan. It Tour takes us along the scenic roads of Zagros mountains west of Iran where mainly Kurds have resided over the centuries, weaving together the art, history, gastronomy, landscapes, people and traditions of a unique territory. On our journey we will meet locals in bigger cities of Sanandaj and Kermanshah and also in amazing villages of Kurdistan, taste their amazing cuisine.


Selin village

It is one of the most beautiful villages in the Oramanat region of Kurdistan, which is a combination of mountains, forests and lakes. This village is located 174 km from Sanandaj and is about 10 km away from Oraman Takht. Selin is the hottest spot in Kurdistan province, next to Sirvan River and Dariyan Dam, where has a very beautiful view.

Bolbar village

Bolbar is one of the most beautiful villages in the Oramanat region of Kurdistan, which has a stepped structure. This village is very old and its name is derived from the Greek word Boll which means God of water. The reason for choosing this name is the existence of two water springs that facing each other.

Novin village

Novin village is located in Horaman region of Kurdistan province, south of Kosalan Mountains, next to Sirvan River and in the neighborhood of Selin village. The village is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by lush oak orchards and forests. It has warm and mild summers and cold winters in many years.


December to April
Group Size
min. 2 / max. 8
 or private tour on request
private car
Meals Included
6 breakfasts, 2 dinners
hotels for 6 nights
Tourist Guide
Entrance Fee
included for the mentioned monuments
Pick-up Service
Tour Activity Level




Day 1 Tehran
Visit Golestan palace world heritage site, Iran national museum in and Tehran Bazaar.
We take a flight from Tehran to Kermanshah. First we go to Moaven Al-Molk Tekiye and enjoy visiting a building from the Qajar period with its amazing tiles and painting. Then we go to the covered market and taste a variety of different products such as local sweets that have a baking workshop there. We visit the Shafi'i Mosque, which is full of beauty and is one of the most important architectural projects in the past, which over time has become one of the architectural and religious masterpieces. And finally, we go to the Bostan arch, a work from the Sassanid era. The existence of a lake in the space of this historical place also doubles its beauty and multiplies the pleasure of visiting.
After breakfast, we will visit Biston, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we will go to the tomb of Ishaqvand, and village of Sahne and visit Farhad and Shirin Goor dakhme. We enjoy the beautiful nature of Darband and have lunch there. We will visit the Anahita Temple and Fash Mirage, and at the end we will visit the construction workshops of musical instrument in this Sahne village.
Moving to Paveh and along the way you can enjoy eating the best traditional ice cream (Kani Sharif ice cream). We will visit Quri Qale Cave, the largest water cave in Asia, and lunch will be served in one of the restaurants there. We go to the stepped village of Hajij. In Hajij village we can see Bell waterfall and then we return to Darian village. There is dam near Dariyan , where you can boat in the lake. You can also walk in the village and visit the construction workshops such as Setar and Tanbur. we will stay in one of the eco-lodges at night.
Moving towards Oraman Takht village and along the way we visit Novin, Selin and Belbar villages, walk in the village and get more acquainted with the customs and clothing of the villagers and visit Pirshalyar tomb (Pirshalyar ceremony every year in The last Thursday before 15 Bahman will be held for 3 days). We have lunch in this beautiful village and enjoy the beautiful nature and being with the kind and hospitable people of this area. Moving to Marivan to visit Zarivar Lake and its recreational area. we spend the night in this beautiful city.
We move from Marivan to Sanandaj. Along the way we see villages and glorious nature. In the village of Negal we see the historical manuscript of the Quran. Arriving in Sanandaj, we will visit Asef Mansion, the Grand Mosque, and after the Sanandaj Museum, we will walk in Sanandaj and Backgammon Bazaar. Finally we will see Khosrowabadi Mansion. Accommodation in Sanandaj.
We take a Sanandaj to Tehran flight and leave the country.

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