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Iran Tours

Uppersia travel company as a local Iranian tour operator and travel agency operates Iran tours and trip packages for your holidays including private and public tours in the range of budget, premium and Luxury trips. The packages encompass sports and adventure tours and day and multi-day tours and short and long holidays that are also available for any cities or areas in Iran. Our travel experts are eager to help you get the most out of your tour to Iran. Check these vacations packages below.

Iran tour Packages 2023 / 2024

Iran premium tours includes Iran package tours that include good pricing and value considering their included travel services.

Iran Tours categorized as "premium tours" here are enjoying the services and experiences in between the luxury and budget trips. You will experience mid-range hotels and a mixture of private and public transport. The trips have a tour guide/leader traveling with you and are not inclusive of all your meals but some. To check for more details about them please go through Iran premium tours on!

Iran budget tours include great value based on the travel services we offer and are cheap tours that offer the basic services to explore Iran.

Iran budgets tours offer you the chance to be on an organized tour and at the same time experience the life in Iran. The accommodation can be basic hotels and hostels and sometimes overnight bus or train transport. The transport is all public transport and meals are not included. To get a better idea of the Iran budget trips please check the tours on!

Iran luxury tours offer relative comfortable Iran tours that enjoy best possible travel services in Iran with higher prices than our other general tours.

Iran Luxury Tours let you travel through Iran in full luxury. The trips have a tour guide or tour leader traveling with you and are inclusive of all your meals. The transport is all private and includes the flights. The accommodation will be the top hotels in each city.

Special interest tours offers Iranian tour packages that focus on certain type of interest and activity and include mainly mid-range travel services with great value.

Special interest tours offer Iran trips that include a certain activity on a daily basis such as cooking or music. Immerse into your special interest in Iran with this trip, visit the highlights of Iran beside that and meet many locals on the way.

Iran day tours include daily activities in different cities or villages of Iran by the help of our top local tour guides.

Operated by Uppersia Travel, Iran day tours is a set of tour packages guided by our professional local tour guides and team leaders sharing their knowledge about the monuments and local experience in many cities and regions in Iran lasting from few hours to a couple of days. These Iran short tour packages include city tours, walking tours, excursions over the cities for visiting historical sites, sightseeing in the cities, cultural interactions and sports adventure from certain locations in Iran. You may join our small group tours or book a private tour for any of these short adventures.

Iran sports tours cover a wide range of sports activities in Iran. It includes mountain climbing tours, skiing tours, cave exploring tours, cycling tours, sea sports tours, trekking tours, horse riding tours, camel riding tours and desert Safari tours. We can customize any sports trip you want to do in Iran.

Iran skiing tours offer skiing services in Iranian skiing resorts. We recommend you to ski in Iran due to its quality ski resort, good ski resorts, accommodation facilities, transport facilities and skiing facilities. Iran ski tours include skiing in Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, Pooladkaf and other ski pistes.

Climb beautiful mountains in Iran by taking our Iran guided mountain climbing tours!

Iran mountaineering tours offer mountaineering tours to the beautiful mountains of Iran including Damavand mountain, Sabalan mountain, Alamkooh mountain, Bel mountain, Dena mountain etc ... Climbing the mountains in Iran will be an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the landscapes in Iran in one of our guided Iran cycling tours!

Cycling in Iran is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful land and meet Iranians around the country. By taking one of our cycling tours in Iran we can help you achieve this goal in a more convenient and ad the same time adventurous way.

Enjoy the landscapes in Iran in one of our guided Iran motorbike tours!

Motorcycle touring in Iran is a perfect adventure. Fantastically smooth roads, epic mountain ranges, lakes, gorges, amazing deserts and forests and Caravanserais blanket the country.

Learn how to cook Persian food and enjoy eating it by taking one of our culinarary day tours in Iran.


FAQ Before Booking Our Iran Tour Packages

Please go through the questions and answers below and get in touch with us if you have any other question on how to book your trip to Iran with us and the process for the booking, payment, visa regulations and other issues you may have in mind so that you can take a proper decision on how to travel to Iran or what tour package to choose based on your interest, priorities, facts, regulations.

1. How far in advance should I book a tour to Iran?

Having enough time to get the Iran tourist visa if you are required to do so matters the most here though if you want to book a group tour you should check for the availability but for a private or customized tour there is no limit.

2. How big are your group tours to Iran?

We run small group tours in Iran so usually the minimum number is 2 and the maximum number is 8 or for some tours it is 12.

3. Are the itineraries fixed for your private tours or we can customize our own itinerary?

We have a variety of already planned and fixed Iran tours but we can tailor-made them based on your interest and budget.

4. Are group tours cheaper than private tours?

Yes naturally booking and joining a group tour is cheaper.

5. How can I get my Iran tourist visa to join the tour?

First you fill out the visa invitation application form that we send to you.
Then we apply for your Iran visa invitation letter based on the tour you have booked.
After that we get your visa application authorization letter and will email it to you.
Afterwards you refer to the selected consulate, fill out the consulate forms, make the payment and get the visa stamp.

6. Can I get the visa stamp in a paper instead of my passport?

Yes to avoid difficulties in traveling to the USA for travelers who visit Iran, the MFA has accepted to put the Iranian visa stamp on a paper.

7. How may I make a payment for the tour package I book with Uppersia Travel?

We have different options to receive the payment from you considering the restrictions for Iranian businesses due to the US sanctions that will be discussed at the time of the reservation.

8. Do I have to travel to Iran on a escorted tour accompanied by an Iranian tour guide?

American, British and Canadian nationals are required to travel to Iran through an authorized Iranian travel agency accompanied by an official Iranian tour leader.

9. Is it safe to travel to Iran now?

Iran is a quite safe country but if you intend to visit Iran, you can get in touch with us so that we can update you if it is the right time to visit the country.

10. What time of the year is the best time to book a trip to Iran?

Iran is a big country with a variety of climates so it depends what part of the country you want to visit. For our tours you can check on certain tour page about the best time to take that tour.
In general April, May, September and October are the best months to take the classic route in Iran for your first trip.

11. Can I take a camera with me on Iran tours?

You can take our camera with you but for taking professional cameras or tripod to some monuments there are restrictions and a permission is needed beforehand.
Taking a drone to Iran is prohibited.

12. What restrictions I need to consider when I travel with an Iranian travel company in Iran?

The same restrictions that have been put in place by the Iranian government such as prohibition in drinking alcohol or considering the dress code.

Iran Tours Prices & Itineraries 2023/24

Please review our group and private tours prices and departure days for your trip to Iran including Iran trip departures From January 2023 till March 18 2024. You can also set your own date or ask for a tailor-made tour.




trip routes


Iran Premium tours


 Iran Salam trip

7 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


 Iran live trip

14 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Esfahan→ Kashan→ Tehran


 Iran North by Northwest tour

8 days


Tabriz→ Ardabil→ Masouleh→ Tehran


Iran untouched tour

15 days


Tehran→ Qazvin→ Masouleh→ Ardabil→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Sanandaj→ Kermanshah→ Hamedan→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


Iran budget tours


Iran budget tour

8 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Iran budget tour

15 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Kerman→ Shiraz→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


tour Iran on silk road

21 days


Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Tehran → Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Iran luxury tours


Iran luxury tour

7 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran tour in style

15 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Isfahan→ Kashan→ Abyaneh→ Tehran


Iran short tour in comfort

5 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran photography tour

21 days


 Tehran→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Hamedan→ Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Shirvan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Special interest tours


Iran culinary tour

15 days

 on request

 Tehran→ Boushehr→ Shiraz→ Persepolis→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Khur→ Isfahan→ Abyaneh→ Kashan→ tehran


Iran nomad tours

3-14 days

on request, May to October warm seasons tour and October to May cold seasons tour

 Northwest, West, Southwest and South of Iran

 from 100$

Persian caravanserai tour

15 days

on request, best time: March, April, May, November and December

 Tehran→ Isfahan→ Anarak→ Mesr Bayaze→ Kharanagh→ Yazd→ Zeinoddin→ Kerman→ Shahdad→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Two revolutions and a coup Iran tour 11 days every Monday Tehran→ Tabriz 840$
Agatha Christie in Iran tour 10 days every Saturday or  on request Kermanshah→ Hamadan→ Tehran→ Isfahan→ Shiraz 1190$

Iran Skiing tours


Iran skiing tour

4 days

December to April Snow Skiing, June to September grass skiing

 Tehran→ Dizin


Iran skiing tour

7 days

December to April

 Tehran→ Dizin→ Shemshak→ Tochal→ Tehran


Mountaineering tours


Damavand southern flank

5 days

all year round

 Tehran→ Abgarm→ Goosfandsara→ New Hut→ Damavand peak

 from 410$

Motorbike tours        
Classic route motorcycle tour   10 days   weekly Tehran→ Kashan→ Isfahan→ Naeen→ Yazd→ Bavanat→ Shiraz  2900$
Bike tours        
Classic route cycling tour   15 days   weekly Tehran→ Varamin→ Qasr Bahram Caravanserai→ Kashan→ Natanz→ Isfahan→ Shahreza→ Abadeh→ Eghlid→ Dashtak→ Persepolis→ Shiraz  3100$
Northern route cycling tour   17 days   weekly Tehran→ Aliabad Katoul→ Kordkoy → Neka→ Babolsar → Noor→ Namakabrood→ Ramsar→ Lahijan→ Anzali→ Talesh→ Astara→ Ardabil→ Meshkinshahr→ Ahar→ Tabriz  3700$

Iran day tours

1-3 days


 different cities around Iran

from 25$

ICooking Day Tours 1 day daily  different cities around Iran from 100$



Top Seven Iran tours and holidays 2023

Hospitality and Exotic are the words coming to our mind when we think about traveling to Iran!
Iran budget tours
2-8 Person 8 Days

Highlights: It includes an 8-day visit to Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz and visiting the most...

Iran premium tours
2-8 Person 14 Days
Iran premium tours
2-8 Person 15 Days
Special interest tours
2-8 Person 15 Days

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