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Iran in June

check the best places to travel in Iran in June.


 Weather in June

  1. Although June is known as a month with hot weather in Iran, but western cities like Tabriz, Orumieh and northern cities are much cooler and the average temperature is about 28°C with cool breeze during the night.
  2. The temperature is about 33°-34°C in central cities like Tehran and Isfahan, but the sun shines more directly in eastern and desert cities.
  3. Southern cities are hot and humid and the temperature increases to 40°-44°C.


Why June?

According to university and school exams in June, you can find low cost tours and enjoy the less crowded tourism attractions in cool areas of Iran.


What to pack?

Light clothes, caps and sunglasses are necessary but during nights in north-west cities you may need a long sleeve shirt.


Some suggestions on your June tour to Iran

  1. Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan province, located on the north-west of Iran with many cultural and natural attractions.
  2. Its historical Bazar is known as the world’s biggest covered bazar and you can see traditional methods of trading there. Handmade shoes, stunning carpets and kilims are examples of what you can buy as souvenir in Tabriz Bazar. Blue mosque and “El-Goli” are other city attractions in Tabriz, worthy to visit.
  3. Kandovan is the most interesting place to see around Tabriz as many visitors believe. This is an extraordinary and old village (at least 800 years old) near Tabriz with a rocky architecture. The local people still live in these little hand carved caves, which indicates the battle between human and nature for a shelter.
  4. There are many hot spring spas in Ardebil Province (In north-west of Iran about 26°-28°C in June) especially in a town named Sar-ein. You can enjoy a professional hydrotherapy in this city and taste natural honey and organic diary which are this area’s souvenirs.
  5. “Sheikh-safieddin” an old Persian gnostic who has been the ancestor of Safavid kings is buried in Ardebil city and his tomb is inscribed as a world heritage in UNESCO’s list because of its elegance and the great arts like tile works and brickworks done in the monument.


Events or Festivals

Tirgan Zoroasterian festivals and Harvesting the wheat festivals are held in some parts of Iran in June.


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