In 1998 after some years of inactivity in Iranian tourism due to revolution and long-lasted war, there was a fresh start for Iranian tourism. There was a generation of Iranian youngsters who were eager to show the real Iran to the world and among this people Reza and his friends took a new path. While internet was just introduced in Iran, Reza decided to use the just-born digital tools to introduce Iran to the world. "Persia at a Glance" website is one of the first Iranian English websites programmed and set up by him. Beside that he and his friends were among the new generation of tour guides in this new era in Iranian tourism.

Through the time they shaped a business in promotiong Iranian tourism and operating tours for travelers who visited Iran and also investing in tourism infra-structure withing Pazira travel Company and its brands. Placed like Forough boutique hotel and BB Heritage hostel beside other projects such as a car coach and ecolodges are the result of taking this path.

Uppersia has been one of the pioneers in running tours that have been based on local interaction and authentic experiences beside visiting monuments. They started arranging tours where people could stay with nomads or experience visiting a Persian family at home or participate in Persian cooking.

The reason for choosing the name Uppersia is to mean we will help travelers have a broader experience of Persia. We have done our best to fulfill this goal.

Uppersia is under the license of Pazira travel company (Pty) (License Number: 36668) GM: Reza Poorhoseini