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Uppersia travel has been the result of a passion for traveling beside introducing Iran, a business shaped through the time from 1998

The birth of Uppersia as one of Pazira travel company's brands and its great record in Iran in operating tours for international travelers in four corners of the country beside other involvements in improving Iranian tourism such as setting up heritage hotels and hostels in different parts of Iran, rooted in 1998 when the young generation of the time were eager to show real Iran to travelers coming from different parts of the world while there was not much activity in Iranian inbound tourism for a long time. They hit the path by learning and experiencing different types of activities in tourism and later setting up Pazira Travel company and its first brand Uppersia. The aim has been clear: to help travelers get the most out of their Iran visit by facilitating local interaction and arranging authentic experience within small group tours or private tours. Uppersia professional team has come a long way and still has a lot to do.

reza poorhoseini Uppersia Pazira travel 1998

In 1998 after some years of inactivity in Iranian tourism due to revolution and long-lasted war, there was a fresh start for Iranian tourism. There was a generation of Iranian youngsters who were eager to show the real Iran to the world and among this people Reza and his friends took a new path. While internet was just introduced in Iran...

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small group tours

We believe the groups must be within a size that when you walk around, you cannot differentiate them from the locals or let's say they don't stand out similar to the picture we have posted here taken during one of our Iran tours including our group tour and locals. There was a time that mass tourism ...

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local resources and interaction

In all Uppersia trips, there is a balance between visiting monuments and attraction and meeting locals and having interaction with the community. To ensure this we have allocated some time during the tour that the interaction happens with the help of your tour guides and tour leaders ...

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authentic experiences

We have done our best to arrange opportunities for travelers who have chosen Uppersia travel in a way that they face real life and authentic experiences. Walking around talking to locals, having a stop and visiting random nomads while driving for the next destination, staying in the nomads tents...

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why travel with uppersia

Let's see why you should take a trip into Iran with Uppersia team. We truly believe in all these principles and we have always done our best to fulfill all of them. Being travelers at heart we put ourselves in travelers shoes and think what can make this trip memorable and what people ...

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Iran responsible travel Uppersia

We see ourselves responsible to follow responsible travel in Iran trips. Travel and tourism should be planned and practiced as a means of individual and collective fulfilment. When practiced with an open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples and cultures and their diversity.

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Masuleh carbon offset green travel Uppersia Iran

During our planning the itineraries, suggesting the trips and running tours we always do our best to reduce the amount of carbon we produce. Using public transport in some of the tours, walking where the distance allows, staying in smaller hotels and encouraging the travelers not to use plastic bags and etc are a part of what we do to make the tours greens.

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Uppersia pazira travel new branch Shiraz
Uppersia team has invested its time and resources to improve tourism in Iran for travelers interested in visiting Iran and for locals beside expanding its business within the frame of
a private and local travel company. We will be happy to share our stories with you in person and also take you to some spots that are the result of our activities.

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Uppersia is so grateful for its professional team that has made it one of the most successful tour operators in Iran. Uppersia's big family cares about the international travelers and the locals who are receiving them to make sure both sides are happy ...

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You can also set your own date or ask for a tailor-made tour.




departures from January 2022 till March 18 2023

trip routes


 Iran Premium tours


 Iran Salam trip

7 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


 Iran live trip

14 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Esfahan→ Kashan→ Tehran


 Iran North by Northwest tour

8 days


Tabriz→ Ardabil→ Masouleh→ Tehran


Iran untouched tour

15 days


Tehran→ Qazvin→ Masouleh→ Ardabil→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Sanandaj→ Kermanshah→ Hamedan→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


Iran budget tours


Iran budget tour

8 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Iran budget tour

15 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Kerman→ Shiraz→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


tour Iran on silk road

21 days


Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Tehran → Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Iran luxury tours


Iran luxury tour

7 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran tour in style

15 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Isfahan→ Kashan→ Abyaneh→ Tehran


Iran short tour in comfort

5 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran photography tour

21 days


 Tehran→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Hamedan→ Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Shirvan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Special interest tours


Iran culinary tour

15 days

 on request

 Tehran→ Boushehr→ Shiraz→ Persepolis→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Khur→ Isfahan→ Abyaneh→ Kashan→ tehran


Iran nomad tours

3-14 days

on request, May to October warm seasons tour and October to May cold seasons tour

 Northwest, West, Southwest and South of Iran

 from 90$

Persian caravanserai tour

15 days

on request, best time: March, April, May, November and December

 Tehran→ Isfahan→ Anarak→ Mesr Bayaze→ Kharanagh→ Yazd→ Zeinoddin→ Kerman→ Shahdad→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Two revolutions and a coup Iran tour 11 days every Monday Tehran→ Tabriz
Agatha Christie in Iran tour 10 days every Saturday or  on request Kermanshah→ Hamadan→ Tehran→ Isfahan→ Shiraz 1190$

Iran Skiing tours


Iran skiing tour

4 days

December to April Snow Skiing, June to September grass skiing

 Tehran→ Dizin


Iran skiing tour

7 days

December to April

 Tehran→ Dizin→ Shemshak→ Tochal→ Tehran


Mountaineering tours


Damavand southern flank

5 days

all year round

 Tehran→ Abgarm→ Goosfandsara→ New Hut→ Damavand peak

 from 390$

Iran day tours

1-3 days



from 20$



Iran Salam trip (7 days)

Iran group tour Iran salam trip Iran salam tour group tour joined price travel to Iran uppersia trip public tour Iranian private tour trip date price economic luxury Iranian vacation organizer planner

Duration: 7 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 840$

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Iran live trip (14 days)

Iran group tour Iran live trip Iran live tour 14 days travel to Iran uppersia group tour date Iranian private tour Iranian trips organizer Iranian tours agency Persian travel agency adventure tours cultural trips

Duration: 14 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 1445$

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Iran budget trip (8 days)

Iran budget tour 8 days Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 8 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 580$

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Iran budget trip (15 days)

iran budget tour 15 days  Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 1100$

Isfahan tours (day tours)


Duration: half-day to 3 days

Trip Dates: daily

Price: from 20$

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Iran culinary tour (15 days)


Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: On request

Price: USD 1780$

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