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Iran in December

check the best places to travel in Iran in December.


 Weather in December

  1. Southern cities and islands pass their spring days with average temperature about 22°-24°C with short but heavy rain and low humidity. Southern people have never seen their cities covered in snow.
  2. Cities on north-west and north are passing cold winter days. Most of the days are rainy or snowy. The temperature is about 5°-7° C during normal days and it decreases to zero or even less on snowy days.
  3. Central cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz are cold about 10°-12°C during December, with lighter rain and snow although freezing days are possible, too.
  4. Eastern cities have milder weather in December (about 15° C) and cold nights about 12°C but the warm desert sunlight is very pleasant during December days.

Why December?

December is a great time for taking a break from winter cold if you are living in a cold climate. Iran offers nice beaches and warm sunlight during December while the hotels and roads are not crowded and tours are available with lower costs.


What to pack?

In southern cities where the weather is so mild you just need a light jacket as winter clothes but for cold nights in eastern cities and deserts don’t forget to pack a heavy coat, woolen socks, shawls and a warm hat which can also be used in case you decide to visit snowy cities on the north and west.


Some suggestions on your December tour to Iran

  1. Qeshm Island with much warmer weather and its nice beaches and natural attractions is really a wonderland and definitely a good destination in Iran during December. While you are in this island you can explore:
  2. “Hara”, which is a sea forest with Mangrove trees, growing in salty water. “Hara” is where 1.5% of world’s birds and 25% of Iran’s birds migrate to, annually. You can see the mangrove trees and different kinds of birds by renting a boat and moving between the little islands covered with mangrove trees and other southern plants.
  3. "Darreye-setaregan” (Stars valley) ,which is a vast area full of weird natural sand towers shaped by the wind, is a unique attraction of Qeshm Island. According to a local myth the shape of this land is the cause of a star falling down on the ground. Strolling between these sand towers will give you a surreal feeling.
  4. Yazd, known as the city of sun, is one of the most touristic cities in central Iran. Yazd’s Jaame mosque with delightful tile works, “Amir-chakhmaq” square known for its intelligent symmetrical structure and a Zoroastrian fireplace with a 1500 year old fire burning in, are some of beautiful cultural attractions in Yazd. Walking in old alleys, visiting Old Iranian houses with “baadgir” (wind-catchers) on top and tasting Yazd traditional delicious sweets are highlights of visiting Yazd.


Events or Festivals

“Shabe Yalda” (Yalda night), the longest night of the year (December 21), has been celebrated for thousands of years. Families and friends gather, read Hafez poems, play Iranian music and enjoy being together. Pomegranate (the heaven’s fruit as Iranians believe) nuts, watermelon and homemade sweets are Yalda night essentials.


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