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Top 10 Highlights of Golestan Palace | Video Walk

The arts of Iran have been woven into an amazing complex called Golestan palace that has been so amazing and worthy to be inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Golestan Palace is a bless in the heart of the busiest part of Tehran like a spring in the middle of the desert and a gate to enter a small paradise that frees one from the noise and le...

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Iran Trip Puts Less Pressure on Pockets + 4 Reasons

Iran will never fail to amaze you. The stunning sights, the culture, the hospitality, the food, and of course, the friendly people willing to welcome visitors wherever and whenever. Spending a night or two is not enough when you want to savor all Iran has to offer. Here are the top reasons why visiting should be on your bucket list.  1. Iran i...

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Embracing an Iranian Winter: 7 reasons to visit Iran in its off-season 

Iran is a realm of contrasting landscapes and cultures. The climate is no exception and in winter you may be driving through heavy snow in the Zagros mountains and within 100 km be enjoying mild, sunny weather in Shiraz! Iran can be visited all year round, although you might need to adjust your itinerary accordingly. We explain 7 reasons why you sh...

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Explore The Traditional Clothing Culture Of Iran

Local dress is the traditional and authentic clothing of Iranian people. Iran, which is the land of different ethnic groups, has a variety of local outfits with beautiful colors and unique designs which are known as a special symbol of a nation. Iranian local clothes, which are common among Iranian ethnic groups, are designed in such a way that you...

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Why You'll Love Shiraz?

We were lucky to Spend 3 days in Shiraz last May but considering the number of monuments for sightseeing, the hospitality of locals and the amazing weather of Shiraz during May made the city so mesmerizing that we want to visit it again if we have a second chance to take a trip to Iran. Shiraz is a must-see and inspiring places such as Persepo...

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Traveling in Iran on two or four wheels can a life-time experience whether you organize it on your own  and travel alone by cycling or driving through the country, by grouping your adventurous friends and explore the landscapes or by booking an Iran bicycle tour, Iran motorcycle tours or Iran car rally tour with an authorize Iranian local tour...

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8 Facts to Achieving your Persepolis Sightseeing Planning your trip to Persepolis is not something demanding especially if you are traveling on a escorted tour whether it is a private tour so that you want to spend more time there on your own or it is a group tour with more of a fixed procedure.  We have collected some tips and fa...

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Persian Caviar on an Appetizing Culinary Activity in Iran

CASPIAN SEA CAVIAR Caviar is a high-energy food with pleasant taste and smell. The Caspian Sea is the habitat for this valuable fish stocks in the world! In the southern shores of the Caspian Sea and the rivers leading to this coast, more than 78 species and 48 subspecies from 17 caviar families have been identified. This lake's caviar has a global...

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A Unique Archaeological Adventure To Mythical Zabol in Iran

Sistan and Baluchestan When you are traveling in Iran and looking for an undiscovered and adventurous destination with historical and cultural background, Zabol, located in the Sistan o Baluchistan province of southeastern Iran is definitely a wonderful choice. Being mentioned as the land of sunshine in the mythical Persian poems and texts, Sistan ...

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Meet the Ancient Iranian Salt Man in Tehran!

If you visit the National Museum of Tehran, you will probably see the showcase where the salt man is located. This salt man is one of a total of six mummies discovered in the Chehrabad salt mines, located on the southern part of the Hamzehlu village, on the west side of the city of Zanjan, in the Zanjan Province in Iran. In the winter of 1993, when...

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Saadi Shirazi : an avid Traveler & a great Poet

Eight centuries ago, in the beautiful city of Shiraz, a genius was born who became known as the Master of Speech and Persian poetry. After basic studies Saadi started a long journey and explored other lands like India, Morocco, Rome, Damascus, Kufa and many other regions for 30 years. As the result for decades of traveling and exploring, Saadi crea...

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8 Steps to Planning your 2023 Trip Sometimes, the ability to create your own bespoke holiday can be overwhelming with all the different options available, especially if you are coming as a group. We have put together the following guide to help you in planning your travel to Iran in 2023, but if you just want to talk it through with someone...

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Life Saving Persian Phrases for Travelers

Got our suggested checklist for that Iranian trip of a lifetime? Passport, camera, cool sun glasses, suitable dress and that appetite for Iranian food. How about a bunch of Persian practical phrases? Needless to say, Iran as a sought-after destination, with hospitable and friendly people welcome foreigners warmly. Uppersia suggests you to put this ...

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Hamadan from Avicenna to Ancient Ecbatana

With a bight history and lots of historic remains, the legendary ancient city of Hamadan has been always the breeding ground for business and science. Having a long antiquity and unique left remains suggest that the wonder of Hamadan can be seen in nowhere in the world. The majestic city of Hamadan is Iran's oldest city and one of the oldest in the...

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