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trip styles

We have divided the tours mainly in three styles of budget, premium and luxury tours. The divisions are comparative and the standards can vary based on the country where the traveler comes from comparing to Iranian standards. We have done our best to consider the value for money for any range you choose and also what you may expect based on the style you choose. In the table below we have compared them regarding some of the services.


 trip styles

 budget  premium  Luxury
 hotels  hostels and guesthouses
 heritage and mid-range hotels
 4 and 5 star hotels
 transport  public transport overland
 private and public transport overland, flight
 private transport and flight
 tour guide  included  included  included
 entrance fees  included  included  included
 airport transfer  excluded  included  included
 meals  excluded  some meals included
 all meals included
 visa support  included  included  included

trip style budget

Travelers on a budget, big value for money

Our budget tours are designed for travelers who want to explore Iran within a limited budget and also want to do more activities during their limited time. The transport is mainly public transport such as train or public buses and the accomadation is heritage hostels or quality geusthouses ...

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trip style premium

Travelers on a budget and also looking for quality

Premium tours are making a balance between the budget and quality and include heritage or 2 and 3 star flight, hotels, private van and public transport such as trains or intercity buses. They included tour guides and leaders and visa support similar to the budget and luxury tours ...

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trip style luxury

Some relative comfort

Our Iran luxury tours include best available options regarding the 4 and 5 star hotels wherever applicable hotels, private transport and flight. The local tour guide and visa support are also included. The entrance fees are also included similar to budget and premium tours ...

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Please check our group and private tours prices and departure days for your Iran trip.

You can also set your own date or ask for a tailor-made tour.




departures from January 2022 till March 18 2023

trip routes


 Iran Premium tours


 Iran Salam trip

7 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


 Iran live trip

14 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Esfahan→ Kashan→ Tehran


 Iran North by Northwest tour

8 days


Tabriz→ Ardabil→ Masouleh→ Tehran


Iran untouched tour

15 days


Tehran→ Qazvin→ Masouleh→ Ardabil→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Sanandaj→ Kermanshah→ Hamedan→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


Iran budget tours


Iran budget tour

8 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Iran budget tour

15 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Kerman→ Shiraz→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


tour Iran on silk road

21 days


Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Tehran → Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Iran luxury tours


Iran luxury tour

7 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran tour in style

15 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Isfahan→ Kashan→ Abyaneh→ Tehran


Iran short tour in comfort

5 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran photography tour

21 days


 Tehran→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Hamedan→ Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Shirvan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Special interest tours


Iran culinary tour

15 days

 on request

 Tehran→ Boushehr→ Shiraz→ Persepolis→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Khur→ Isfahan→ Abyaneh→ Kashan→ tehran


Iran nomad tours

3-14 days

on request, May to October warm seasons tour and October to May cold seasons tour

 Northwest, West, Southwest and South of Iran

 from 90$

Persian caravanserai tour

15 days

on request, best time: March, April, May, November and December

 Tehran→ Isfahan→ Anarak→ Mesr Bayaze→ Kharanagh→ Yazd→ Zeinoddin→ Kerman→ Shahdad→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Two revolutions and a coup Iran tour 11 days every Monday Tehran→ Tabriz
Agatha Christie in Iran tour 10 days every Saturday or  on request Kermanshah→ Hamadan→ Tehran→ Isfahan→ Shiraz 1190$

Iran Skiing tours


Iran skiing tour

4 days

December to April Snow Skiing, June to September grass skiing

 Tehran→ Dizin


Iran skiing tour

7 days

December to April

 Tehran→ Dizin→ Shemshak→ Tochal→ Tehran


Mountaineering tours


Damavand southern flank

5 days

all year round

 Tehran→ Abgarm→ Goosfandsara→ New Hut→ Damavand peak

 from 390$

Iran day tours

1-3 days



from 20$



Iran Salam trip (7 days)

Iran group tour Iran salam trip Iran salam tour group tour joined price travel to Iran uppersia trip public tour Iranian private tour trip date price economic luxury Iranian vacation organizer planner

Duration: 7 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 840$

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Iran live trip (14 days)

Iran group tour Iran live trip Iran live tour 14 days travel to Iran uppersia group tour date Iranian private tour Iranian trips organizer Iranian tours agency Persian travel agency adventure tours cultural trips

Duration: 14 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 1445$

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Iran budget trip (8 days)

Iran budget tour 8 days Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 8 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 580$

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Iran budget trip (15 days)

iran budget tour 15 days  Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 1100$

Isfahan tours (day tours)


Duration: half-day to 3 days

Trip Dates: daily

Price: from 20$

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Iran culinary tour (15 days)


Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: On request

Price: USD 1780$

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