Sanandaj day tours include Sanandaj city, Nagel village, Marivan town, Zarivar lake, Uraman village, Noodashe villag and Takhte Suleiman tours and are as follow:

 Sanandaj city tour


Location: Iran, Sanandaj

Length: 5 hours

Highlights: Vakil Almolk mansion, Khosro Abad mansion, Sanandaj historic Bazaar, Jame mosque, Sanandaj museum, Asef mansion

Transport: car

Itinerary: Drive to Vakil Almolk mansion and after visiting it head to Khosro Abad mansion. Then drive to Sanandaj museum, asef mansion and at the end visit Sanandaj historic Bazaar

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees

 Sanandaj-Khosroabad-mansion  Khosro Abad mansion, Sanandaj


Kurdistan traditions and landscapes tour


Location: Iran, Marivan (125km away from Sanandaj), Uramanat (75 km away from Sanandaj), Palangan

Length: 2 days

Highlights: Negel Qur'an, Zarivar lake, Uramanat village, Palangan village

Transport: car

Itinerary: Drive to Marivan, on the way see the Negel Qoran belonging to the first days of Islam. In Marivan visit Zarivar lake and drive to Uramanat village and visit its historic heritage. Stay there overnight visit and the next day drive to Palangan and visit this scenic village.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees, accommodation

Sanandaj-Uramanat-Sarv-abad  Sarvabad village, Uraman




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