Shiraz day tours include Shiraz city, Persepolis, Necropolis (Naghshe Rustam), Firuz Abad, Bishapur and Nomads day tours and are as follow:

Shiraz Gardens tour


Location: Iran, Shiraz

Length: 4-5 hours

Highlights: Eram gardens, Hafez tomb and Gardens, Jahannama Gardens, Saadi tomb and gardens, Delgosha gardens

Transport: car, walking

Itinerary: Drive to Eram gardens to immerse into a magnificent sample of Persian gardens style and a registered world heritage. Then drive to Hafez tomb and gardens to immerse into the mystery of a revered Persian poet, Hafez and one of the most visited sites in Iran. Walk to visit Jahannama scenic gardens and its Ilkhanid Pavilion. Later drive to Saadi tomb and gardens to visit the tomb of another popular Persian poet. Afterwards drive to visit another Persian gardens, Delgosha.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees

 Shiraz-Hafez-tomb  Hafez tomb, Shiraz


Hidden Shiraz tour


Location: Iran, Shiraz

Length: 4-5 hours

Highlights: Shahcheragh shrine, Jame Atiqe mosque, Nasir Almolk shrine, Naranjestan palace and gardens, Zinat al-molook house and museum

Transport: Walking

Itinerary: Visit Shahcheragh Shrine as the third most sacred shrine for Shiites in Iran. Then walk to Jame Atiqe mosque and visit one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Later walk to the picturesque Nasir Almolk mosque from Qajar dynasty. Afterwards walk to Naranjestan palace and gardens and Zinat al-molook house to see Persian artwork such as Persian mirror work, inlaid work and plasterwork.

The trip includes:An English speaking guide, the entrance fees

Shiraz-Nasiralmolk-mosque  Nasir Almolk mosque, Shiraz


Shiraz Vakil tour


Location: Iran, Shiraz city

Length: 4 hours

Highlights: Karimkhani citadel, Pars Museum and Nazar gardens, water cistern, Vakil mosque and Vakil Bazaar

Transport: Walking

Itinerary: visit the citadel of Karimkhan, Zand dynasty's king who chose Shiraz as his capital and ordered the construction of the buildings we are visiting today. Then walk to Pars museum to see the amazing paintings from the time, the Karimkhan tomb inside the pavilion and Nazar gardens. Afterwards walk to Vakil mosque to see the style of the construction of the time and at the end walk to the Vakil bazaar and saraye Moshir.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the entrance fees

Shiraz-arge-Karimkhan   Karimkhani citadel, Shiraz



Persepolis and Necropolis tour


Location: Persepolis and Necrpolis 50 KM away from Shiraz

Price: 25 USD per person for public tours, 60 USD per person for a private tour

Length: 6 hours

Highlights: Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and Necropolis (Naghsh-e Rustam)

Transport: Car

Itinerary: Drive from Shiraz for an hour to get to Persepolis as a magnificent pre-Islamic Persian ruins from Achaemenid dynasty 530 BC, registered as a world heritage. Later drive to Necropolis (Naghsh-e Rustam) that is also a registered world heritage and hosts Achaemenid, Sassanian, Elamite and Qajar tombs, bass relieves and inscriptions.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees

Shiraz-persepolis  Persepolis, Shiraz


Firoozabad tour


Location: Firoozabad, 90 Km away from Shiraz

Length: 5-6 hours

Highlights: Kakh-e Ardeshr palace , Ghal-e dokhtar castle, Persian carpet weaving, Qashqai nomads (if available), Zagros mountains

Transport: Car

Itinerary: Drive toward Firoozabad and on the way visit Ghale Dokhtar castle on top of the mountain among the rigged Zagros mountains. Then drive to Kakh-e Ardashir palace to visit this Sassanian palace with its huge Persin style dome. Afterwards drive to Firoozabad town to meet the families who weave Persian carpets there. On the way back, meet Qashqai nomads on the way if it is the right season for them to be in that area.

The trip includes: An English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees

Shiraz-Firoozabad  Firoozabad, Shiraz


Bishapoor tour


Location: Bishapoor, 120 Km away from Shiraz

Length: 6-7 hours

Highlights: Sassanian Bishapoor town, Anahita temple,  Booyids dynasty mosque, Bishapoor museum, Tang-e Chogan bass relives, Bishapoor cave, Zagros mountains

Transport: Car

Itinerary: Drive to Bishapoor and get to know a deserted town from Sassanian dynasty and visit its Zoroastrian Anahita temple. Walk to Bbooyids dynasty mosque that was built there after Islam. Then drive to Tang-e Chogan to visit the Sassanian bass relieves and later drive to Bishapoor village and climb the mountain by the village to visit Bishapoor cave and the huge statue of The Sassanian king Shapoor in there.

The trip includes: A n English speaking guide, the transport, the entrance fees

Shiraz-Tang-e-Chogan  Tang-e Chogan, Shiraz


 Qashqai nomads tour


Location: Based on where nomads are located 40 to 200 KM from Shiraz!

Length: From 4 to 9 hours based on the location of the nomads

Highlights: Qashai nomads and their lifestyle

Transport: Car

Itinerary: Drive to the area where nomads are located on the time of visit and meet them in their black tents and discover their lifestyle by spending few hours with them. Have lunch with them.

The trip includes: A n English speaking guide, the transport

Shiraz-nomadsQashqai nomads, Shiraz


 Shiraz Tang-e Sorkh off-road tour


Location: Derak mountain, Tang-e Sorkh

Length: 5 hours

Highlights: off-road driving through amazing Derak mountain, Land Rover experience, cooking

Transport: Land Rover

Itinerary: Drive to Derak mountain in the vicinity of Shiraz, take off-the-beaten-path

The trip includes: a Professional off-road driver, the transport, lunch

Shiraz Tang-e Sorkh off road tour



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