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Yazd is a city in Iran. Almost in the center of Iran, it is the capital of Yazd province. It is an ancient city, dating from Sassanian Period (224-651 AD). Acording to UNESCO, Yazd is the Second Historic City in the World.

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Yazd is located midway between Isfahan and Kerman, 689 km (427 miles) southeast of Tehran.

Yazd is served by all means of transportation except boats, both airplanes, trains and buses are available for tourists who would like to visit the city of Yazd. Also,Yazd is said to have one of the most safest and fast automobile routes throughout Iran because of its steady and well-built roads.

By Plane

There are International flights to Dubai and Damascus and daily flights to Tehran.

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Most places in the old town are within easy walking distance from each other. Otherwise taxis are inexpensive.Motorcycle Taxis are another faster and cheaper way to move around in the city,but try to settle on a price before going anywhere. Local buses are also available for travellers.


  • Masjid-e Jame (Friday Mosque), dating back to the fourteenth century, is well worth a visit. Admire it at night when it is lit up.
  • Atashkadeh is the Zoroastrian fire temple. The fire on the inside has supposedly been burning since 470 AD. Entrance is free, though donations are appreciated.
  • Yazd Tower of silence (Zoroastrian's Dakhmeh) - the name tower is misleading as they consist of huge circular walls, within those the dead were left to be picked clean by the vultures. This is done in accordance with Zoroastrian belief. However, the towers are not in use anymore and open to the public. A quiet, serene place.
  • Yazd Market Square's Clock
  • The cistern of Fatemeh-ye-Golshan
  • Amir Chakhmakh complex, a breathtaking construction and a must-see. Visitors can climb to the top.
  • Amir Chakmakh mosque, not to be confused with the complex of the same name, but nearby and easily visited when visiting the more famous complex.
  • Yazd Water museum lots of interesting information about the Canat water distribution system, admission free, a must-see
  • Hazireh mosque
  • water reservoir with its four badgirs (wind towers)
  • Khan-e-Lari, a historical house
  • Alexanders prison, which was neither built by Alexander the great nor a prison, but quite an interesting sight with a cafe in the 'prison room'
  • tomb of the 12 imams
  • Madrasse-e-Kamalieh
  • Bogeh-ye Seyed Rokamdin mosque
  • Dowlat Abad Gardens with a building with a beautiful large badgir.


  • Walk and relax in the parks and places the city of Yazd can offer for tourists and local iranians or you can hike in the beautiful mountains of Yazd that show a spectacular and beautiful view of the city.If you are a more sociable kind of person,you can chat with local Iranians at cafes,they would be interested and would love to have a dialogue with you.


The local bazaar is the best way to go. Iran's most famous snacks, nougat and cashews are available. Yazd is very famous in Iran for its various handicrafts, such as carpet, silk fabrics, cashemers and also for its pastries. If you are looking for Persian carpets at reasonable prices, there are many Persian carpets to choose from at the bazaar.


Tourists say old fashion Persian Restaurants are the best way to go if you want a more friendlier and more cultural atmosphere.If you are a Kebab lover,the city has many Kebab cuisines.There are a few international restaurants in Yazd which serve Italian,Indian,Arabic and Mexican food.

The traditional restaurant and tea house of Kohan Hotel is opened.There are served various kinds of iranian traditional foods,like FESSENJUN,GHEIME...and some delicious european,indian food,cooked by an Iranian lady!with a nice atmospher full of iranian paintings and tea house paintings,which gives you a different feeling!this place is strongly recommanded to all people,who want to enjoy their food near Alexander Prison.


Persian Tea is almost available anywhere in Yazd.Juice Vendors sell natural fresh Orange Juice which is considered very healthy.There are also Pomegrante Vendors who sell pomegrante juice for about the price of 0.10$ per cup.


There are many nice, yet good value hotels to choose from. A number of grand, Old City houses have been recently refurbished into atmospheric hotels, some well, others not quite so well. Many of them offer immaculate, comfortable rooms arranged around tranquil garden courtyards where you can eat, drink tea or puff away on a ghalyan while gazing at the sky above. If you've been slumming it through questionable mosafekhanehs until Yazd, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Hotel Dad ( 4-star )

Hotel Dad is an 80-year old treasure located at the heart of the historic city, Yazd. There are only few steps to historical features, monuments, business center and bazaars. The hotel's traditional structure reveals the earliest beauties of Iranian culture, and the elegant architecture blends well with the city's rustic design. The complex is well equipped with modern facilities which endow complete tranquility and leisure to the guests. Hotel Dad contains 54 single and double rooms, which can be connected to one another. Special suites are also available. Notable services of the hotel include: a swimming pool, which offers complete poolside service to the guests, a sauna and Jacuzzi. Guests can dine to a traditional Iranian cuisine or an International restaurant. Coffee shop in a cozy place with the stunning perspective of domes and hotel interior yard serves various ice creams, beverages and fast foods. Various salons have been designed for ceremonies, gatherings, and lectures. During the stay, guests have access to internet, gift shop, and telephone services. Other accommodations include tour guides and currency exchange. Hotel dad is one of the rare hotels in Yazd equipped with Wireless Internet.

address: No.214, 10th Farvardin Ave. Reservation tel: +98 351 6229426 , +98 911 9691607 web: e-mail:


  • Silk Road Hotel, No 5, Tal-e Khakestary Alley, Masjed Jame St (Conveniently hidden in an alley near the Jameh Mosque; look for the signs pointing the way on the wall.), +98-351-625 2730 (), [1]. The cheapest and most popular of the Old City houses. Private rooms with private hammam, include a tasty buffet breakfast. Also serves traditional food in the courtyard restaurant. Offers free internet in the opposite Orient hotel for guests and a number of interesting desert tours. Roof in summer (IR 25,000), Dorms (IR 40,000), singles (IR 160,000), doubles (from IR 280,000) and triples (360.000) are available.
  • Orient Hotel, (, in a small alley). From the owners of Silk Road Hotel, which is on the other side of the street. Is especially tailored to the needs of families and group travellers. Has a glass deck on the second floor with nice panoramas of the city, and the beautiful Jame' Mosque, and a background of desert and mountains.
  • Traditional Hotel Kohan, (100 metres from Alexander's Prison), 6212485 (fax: 621 0393). Is a little pricer and difficult to find, but also worth the effort. They also have a beautiful courtyard restaurant, a underground qanat room (water management system) to explore, and good views of the old city can be had from the roof. The hotel is family run, and also there is a tourist information office, a young man,who speaks wonderfully perfect German, English and a little Spanish, he gives you complete information about Yazd and other cities of Iran, time table of buses,air planes and trains. Various tour programs of Yazd is also offered; camel riding, overnight in desert, bike riding in desert as well as adventureous tours in all Iran. Luxurious dorms (IR 50,000),singles (150,000 IR) doubles (IR 250,000) and triples are available..

Get out

  • Another city close by is the Holy city of Qom,If you feel like visiting a place more cultural and beautiful, the ancient city of Isfahan is near Yazd.
  • Kavir National Park. The magnificent Iranian deserts embrace all those who are interested in adventurous journey or trekking across the intact beautiful nature. The desert vividly signifies the diverse and colourful features of the Iranian terrain. The white vast salt flats, the golden dunes as well as the striking mounds in bright green, yellow and red create a marvellous spectrum of spectacular colours for day travellers in the desert. Undoubtedly, the desert's night does surpass all expectations and further displays an spectacle of appealing stars--appearing so temptingly real and near.


Iran was incredibly welcoming to a 21 year old American woman - I hope I can come back and experience it again! I can't pick one, although I think Uppersia and Nadia picked some great activities for my time there. I really enjoyed Persepolis and the square in Isfahan.
Where do I start? The whole trip was a highlight! Shahdad and Bayazed stick in my mind. Food was fantastic everywhere! I don't think I had a bad meal the whole trip. Highlights were Tehran, Isfahan, .... just about ever dinner was a highlight.
We wanted to travel with an Iranian company because we felt that would have more expertise in every way. Uppersia was highly recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. We also wanted more of our money to go to benefit Iran directly, rather than a UK travel company. For the same reason we chose to fly Iran Air.
THANK YOU so much for all the planning and effort put into our trip to make it so wonderful. We cannot say enough good things about Narjes, Iman,and about our whole experience. We have told several friends, and I think a couple of them are serious about making the journey. We have told them Uppersia is the way to go!
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