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Sitting on the legendary Silk Route, surrounded by oases and hot springs, this is a building with history, where gold, ivory and spice traders would hole up and gossip. It has been beautifully restored and is utterly enchanting, unlike anywhere else you have been before. With large wooden doors, vertiginously high ceilings, carpeted brick floors and little wooden ladders up to your raised bed, hidden behind a wall of heavy curtains, it’s Harry Potter-gone-Persian. There’s an exquisite dining room where you feast on chicken with walnuts and pomegranate and bowls of saffron rice.

Here, in the midst of a vast desert plain flanked by mountains, this 400-year-old brick caravanserai has been restored to accommodate travellers the same way it did when it was active on the trans-Asia trade routes.Well, almost as it did. After a three-year renovation during which 13,000 pumice stones were used to scour centuries of grime from the walls, most spaces look as they would have when this caravanserai was built on the orders of Safavid Shah Abbas the Great. Accommodation is simple: the raised rooms offer mattresses on top of carpets with just a curtain separating you from the corridor.Aside from a couple of added wooden steps, this is exactly the experience the caravan traders would have had. Where it differs is in the stylish and crystal clean communal bathrooms, the service and the food.


Iran was incredibly welcoming to a 21 year old American woman - I hope I can come back and experience it again! I can't pick one, although I think Uppersia and Nadia picked some great activities for my time there. I really enjoyed Persepolis and the square in Isfahan.
Where do I start? The whole trip was a highlight! Shahdad and Bayazed stick in my mind. Food was fantastic everywhere! I don't think I had a bad meal the whole trip. Highlights were Tehran, Isfahan, .... just about ever dinner was a highlight.
We wanted to travel with an Iranian company because we felt that would have more expertise in every way. Uppersia was highly recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. We also wanted more of our money to go to benefit Iran directly, rather than a UK travel company. For the same reason we chose to fly Iran Air.
THANK YOU so much for all the planning and effort put into our trip to make it so wonderful. We cannot say enough good things about Narjes, Iman,and about our whole experience. We have told several friends, and I think a couple of them are serious about making the journey. We have told them Uppersia is the way to go!
Iran salam trip (7 days)

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Duration: 7 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 1450$

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Iran live trip (14 days)

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Duration: 14 Day tour

Trip Dates: Check the trip page

Price: USD 2990$

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Iran budget trip (8 days)

Iran budget tour 8 days Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 8 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 960$

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Iran budget trip (15 days)

iran budget tour 15 days  Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 1660 $

Isfahan tours (half-day up)


Duration: half-day to 3 days

Trip Dates: daily

Price: from 30$

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Iran culinary tour (15 days)


Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: On request

Price: USD 3500$

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