Wonder at the dazzling jewels of one thousand and one night stories in national jewelry museum, gaze at the Persian tile work in Golestan palace, enjoy  Iranian traditional music in Shiraz, unearth Old Persian secrets in Persepolis, idle aside Zayanderood River and its glittering bridges, catch scent of the spices in Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, sip tea on the slopes of snow peaked Damavand mountain in Tehran, marvel at unrivaled Persian carpets in Tehran carpet museum, idle on gardens in Shiraz, Experience welcoming Iranian hospitality


Get mesmerized by Persian culture, architecture, art and Iranian hospitality by taking Iran short trip in comfort. We recommend this trip to travelers anywhere

in the world who have short time to travel, go through the Middle East or live or work  in Persian Gulf countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Qatar,

the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. There are flights from all these countries to major cities in Iran especially Shiraz in Southwest, Isfahan in

Center and Tehran in north. You can easily fly to any of these cities and get your visa on arrival if your country is enlisted for getting visa on arrival or we

can get your visa invitation letter efficiently. Also People in Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan or Caucasian

countries such as Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan can take this short trip to Iran the same way.



Day 1


See Iran National museum and get amazed at its priceless pieces, spend your time in the busiest Bazaar in Iran and maybe sip some tea in a nice tea-house. Discover the eye-catching precious collection of Jewels of Iranian 2500 years of Monarchy in the Iran Jewels museum.

Day 2


Fly to Shiraz in the morning and after the hotel check-in drive to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and Unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a world heritage.

Day 3


Head to the  Zand complex including the castle, gardens and mosque to get a sense of Shiraz as a capital 250 years ago. In the evening fly to Isfahan.

Day 4


Get acquainted with the historic Royal square of Isfahan registered as a world heritage. Visit picturesque Royal mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque, Aliqapoo palace and Chehelsotoon palace. Ponder on the breathtaking Armenian Vank church In Isfahan and marvel around Isfahan Armenian quarter, Jolfa. Stroll aside Isfahan river and admire the masters who built several bridges over it through the history.

Day 5


Fly to Tehran.

Isfahan-Khaju-bridge-short-tour  Khaju bridge, Isfahan

 Tehran-in-snow-short-trip  Tehran mountains view

Necropolis-tombs-break-tour  Naghsh-e Rustam, Shiraz


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