Marvel at the historic heritage of Iran by visiting several registered world heritage sites. Gaze at the beauty of Caspian sea and its Iranian side green land. Enjoy the hospitality of Iranians from different ethnic groups such as Azeris, Gilakis, Taleshis, Kurds, Turks, Arabs and Persians. Wonder at the reddish and rigid mountains of Iran's Azerbaijan. Get acquainted with rich culture of Kurdistan of Iran. Walk through the historic and busy Bazaars of Tabriz, Ardabil, Zanjan and Kermanshah.

Travel with us through this tour to meet some of the most hospitable people in the world in North, Northwest, West and Southwest of Iran and get amazed by

their rich cultural and historical heritage.


Day 1


See Iran National museum and get amazed at its priceless pieces, spend your time in the busiest Bazaar in Iran and maybe sip some tea in a nice tea-house. Discover the eye-catching precious collection of Jewels of Iranian 2500 years of Monarchy in the Iran Jewels museum.

Day 2


 Drive to Qazvin. Visit Chehelsotoon palace, Jame mosque, Ali Qapoo palace, Husseinieh Aminiha, Chahar Anbia shrine.

Day 3


Drive to Masouleh. Masuleh architecture is unique and is registered with UNESCO. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masuleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only village in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply also wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter. This makes the town wonderful to explore on foot and gives opportunity to meet and enjoy the hospitality that Iran is renowned for.

Day 4


Drive to Ardabil. On the way visit the biggest water swamp in Iran, Bandar-e Anzali. Then go to the Persian Caviar production center and see how they make it.

Day 5


Get acquainted with the historic and picturesque tomb of the Sufi master named Shei Safi Ardabili, registered as a world heritag e. On the way, on the slopes of the second highest mountain of Iran Sabalan (15817 ft / 4821 m) Near Ardabil (25 KM) is the city of Sarein which is well-known for its spas. There you can enjoy the remedial benefits of the spas.

Day 6


Drive to Tabriz. Visit Tabriz and see the impressive tomb of Shahriar, the most famous Persian and Azeri poet. You will also be able to visit the exotic bazaar with an interesting array of ethnic crafts on sale. See the exquisite Jameh and Kabood Mosques and explore the interesting collections of the Azerbaijan and Constitution Revolution Museums. The province of Azerbaijan is home to one of the most cultured and bravest races in Iran, the Azaris. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to rub shoulders with the Azaris and learn more about the origins of the Constitution Revolution.

Day 7

Tabriz /Kandovan

Visit Kandovan volcanic village (approx 152 km roundtrip). After passing the city of Oskoo and beautiful mountainous scenery we will reach this marvelous village. The special architecture of Kandovan is the reason of its universal reputation. Its dwellers carved the rocks of mountains and settled their lives there. The archeologists have estimated the antiquity of this village to 3000 years ago. The main activities of people in this splendid village are ranching, husbandry and gardening. The scene of piping in the rocks of the mountain indicates the co-existence of human being and its surrounding environment. Kandovan is a beautiful sample of presence and using of nature in men’s life.

Day 8


Drive to Zanjan. Visit the world heritage site of Gonbad-e Sultanieh as the second biggest brick dome structure in the world. Visist Zanjan Bazzar and enjoy a traditional dinner at the its Safavid Caravanserai.

Day 9


Drive to Sanandaj. On the way visit Takkab and close to this town visit a registered world heritage called Takht-e Suleiman and its Anahita temple and Azargashnasab fire temple.

Day 10


Drive to Vakil Almolk mansion and after visiting it head to Khosro Abad mansion. Then drive to Sanandaj museum, asef mansion and at the end visit Sanandaj historic Bazaar. Drive to Kermanshah.

Day 11


Drive to Taghe Bostan and visit this Sassanid complex. Then drive to Moaven Almolk Tekkieh and enjoy its tilework. Afterwards drive to Bistoon registered world heritage complex and immerse into Pre-Islamic Persian heritage from Achaemenids, Selucians, and Sassanids and also Ilkhanid and Safavi inscriptions and Caravanserai from Islamic era.

Day 12


An excursion to Hamedan.Drive to Baba Taher tomb. Baba Taher is a renowned Persia poet. Then drive to visit Avecina tomb. Avecina is a renowned Persian Philosopher and doctor. Later drive to the Hegmataneh pre-Islamic town and museum. Afterwards drive to the Jewish prophet tombs of Ester and Mordkhai. Then drive to Ganjnameh to visit Achaemenid inscriptions. Drive back to Kermanshah.

Day 13


Drive to Ahvaz.

Day 14

Ahvaz /Tehran

Drive for an hour to get to Susa (Shush) and visit Achaemenid Apadana palace, Susa museum and Danial Nabi tomb (prophet Daniel). Then drive to Choghzanbil Zigurat and visit this Elamite registered world heritage Zigurat from 1300 BC. Later drive through the Hafttape sugar cane farms to visit Haf Tappe historic hill and museum. Afterwards drive to Shushtar town and visit another registered world heritage site, Shushtar waterfalls and also visit the historic dams over the big rivers going through Shushtar. Fly to tehran.

Day 15


 Last day of the trip.

Bistoon-Bistun-Kermanshah-Hercules-statue  Hercules statue in Bistun, Kermanshah

 Choghzanbil-zigurat-Elamite-Iran-tour  Elamite inscriptions on Choghazanbil Zigurat, Southwest of Iran

Asef-mansion-Sanandaj-travel  Asef mansion, Sanandaj

Daniel-tomb-Susa-Shush-touring  Daniel shrine, Susa

Habakkuk-Hayaghough-Nabi-Jwish-tomb-sightseeing  Habakkuk shrine, Tooyserkan, Hamedan

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