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Iran tours

Uppersia travel company operates Iran tours and trip packages for your holidays including private and public tours in the range of budget, premium and Luxury trips. The packages encompass sports and adventure tours and short trips are also available for any cities or areas in Iran. Our travel experts are eager to help you get the most out of your tour to Iran. Check these vacations packages below!

Iran-premium--toursIran Tours categorized as "premium tours" here are enjoying the services and experiences in between the luxury and budget trips. You will experience 2 to 4 star hotels and a mixture of private and public transport. The trips have a tour guide/leader traveling with you and are not inclusive of all your meals but some. To check for more details about them please go through Iran premium tours on uppersia.com!

Iran-budget-toursIran budgets tours offer you the chance to be on an organized tour and at the same time experience the life in Iran. The accommodation can be guesthouses or 1 and 2 star hotels and sometimes overnight bus or train transport. The transport is all public transport and meals are not included. To get a better idea of the Iran budget trips please check the tours on uppersia.com!

Iran-luxury-toursIran Luxury Tours let you travel through Iran in full luxury. The trips have a tour guide or tour leader traveling with you and are inclusive of all your meals. The transport is all private and includes the flights. The accommodation will be the top hotels in each city.

Iran-special-interest-toursSpecial interest tours offer Iran trips that include a certain activity on a daily basis such as cooking or music. Immerse into your special interest in Iran with this trip, visit the highlights of Iran beside that and meet many locals on the way.

Iran-day-toursIran day tours offer the local experience of any city or area you like to visit in Iran from few hours to a couple of days. These Iran short tours include urban, historical, cultural, sports and adventure tours from any city in Iran. You can see the cities arranged alphabetically and the trips we run from any of these cities.

Iran-sports-toursIran sports tours cover a wide range of sports activities in Iran. It includes mountain climbing tours, skiing tours, cave exploring tours, cycling tours, sea sports tours, trekking tours, horse riding tours, camel riding tours and desert Safari tours. We can customize any sports trip you want to do in Iran.

Iran-ski-tour-introIran skiing tours offer skiing services in Iranian skiing resorts. We recommend you to ski in Iran due to its quality ski resort, good ski resorts, accommodation facilities, transport facilities and skiing facilities. Iran ski tours include skiing in Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, Pooladkaf and other ski pistes.

mountain-climbing-tour-introIran mountaineering tours offer mountaineering tours to the beautiful mountains of Iran including Damavand mountain, Sabalan mountain, Alamkooh mountain, Bel mountain, Dena mountain etc ... Climbing the mountains in Iran will be an unforgettable experience.

Please check our group and private tours prices and departure days for your Iran trip.

You can also set your own date or ask for a tailor-made tour.




departures from January 2022 till March 18 2023

trip routes


 Iran Premium tours


 Iran Salam trip

7 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


 Iran live trip

14 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Esfahan→ Kashan→ Tehran


 Iran North by Northwest tour

8 days


Tabriz→ Ardabil→ Masouleh→ Tehran


Iran untouched tour

15 days


Tehran→ Qazvin→ Masouleh→ Ardabil→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Sanandaj→ Kermanshah→ Hamedan→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


Iran budget tours


Iran budget tour

8 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Iran budget tour

15 days


Tehran→ Isfahan→ Yazd→ Kerman→ Shiraz→ Ahvaz→ Tehran


tour Iran on silk road

21 days


Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Tehran → Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Iran luxury tours


Iran luxury tour

7 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran tour in style

15 days


Tehran→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Isfahan→ Kashan→ Abyaneh→ Tehran


Iran short tour in comfort

5 days


 Tehran→ Shiraz→ Isfahan→ Tehran


Iran photography tour

21 days


 Tehran→ Tabriz→ Zanjan→ Hamedan→ Isfahan→ Shiraz→ Kerman→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Mesr→ Damghan→ Shirvan→ Mashhad→ Tehran


Special interest tours


Iran culinary tour

15 days

 on request

 Tehran→ Boushehr→ Shiraz→ Persepolis→ Zeinoddin→ Yazd→ Khur→ Isfahan→ Abyaneh→ Kashan→ tehran


Iran nomad tours

3-14 days

on request, May to October warm seasons tour and October to May cold seasons tour

 Northwest, West, Southwest and South of Iran

 from 90$

Persian caravanserai tour

15 days

on request, best time: March, April, May, November and December

 Tehran→ Isfahan→ Anarak→ Mesr Bayaze→ Kharanagh→ Yazd→ Zeinoddin→ Kerman→ Shahdad→ Shiraz→ Tehran


Two revolutions and a coup Iran tour 11 days every Monday Tehran→ Tabriz
Agatha Christie in Iran tour 10 days every Saturday or  on request Kermanshah→ Hamadan→ Tehran→ Isfahan→ Shiraz 1190$

Iran Skiing tours


Iran skiing tour

4 days

December to April Snow Skiing, June to September grass skiing

 Tehran→ Dizin


Iran skiing tour

7 days

December to April

 Tehran→ Dizin→ Shemshak→ Tochal→ Tehran


Mountaineering tours


Damavand southern flank

5 days

all year round

 Tehran→ Abgarm→ Goosfandsara→ New Hut→ Damavand peak

 from 390$

Iran day tours

1-3 days



from 20$



Iran Salam trip (7 days)

Iran group tour Iran salam trip Iran salam tour group tour joined price travel to Iran uppersia trip public tour Iranian private tour trip date price economic luxury Iranian vacation organizer planner

Duration: 7 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 840$

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Iran live trip (14 days)

Iran group tour Iran live trip Iran live tour 14 days travel to Iran uppersia group tour date Iranian private tour Iranian trips organizer Iranian tours agency Persian travel agency adventure tours cultural trips

Duration: 14 Day tour

Trip Dates: Weekly tour

Price: USD 1445$

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Iran budget trip (8 days)

Iran budget tour 8 days Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 8 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 580$

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Iran budget trip (15 days)

iran budget tour 15 days  Iran cheap holidays

Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: weekly tour

Price: USD 1100$

Isfahan tours (day tours)


Duration: half-day to 3 days

Trip Dates: daily

Price: from 20$

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Iran culinary tour (15 days)


Duration: 15 Day tour

Trip Dates: On request

Price: USD 1780$

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