In 1931 Agatha Christie boarded a 4 seated Junkers plane with a German pilot and traveled into Persia, an adventure that made her interested in Iran and she came back several times. Her interest in a house in Shiraz (Naranjestan Qavam) resulted in creating a short story called "The house at Shiraz". We will take her path in Iran in this trip. She flew over Kermanshah and Hamadan and landed in Tehran and continued to Isfahan and Shiraz. We start this trip in Kermanshah west of Iran and finish it in Shiraz in Southwest. We also investigate the house at Shiraz that is the location of Agatha''s story.

If you want to follow one of the favourite trips of one of the best writers of detective novels and short stories, take this tour and join Agatha Christi in her trip into Iran. You will live the short story of "the house at Shiraz" written by Agatha Christi in 10 days.


Day 1


Drive to Taghe Bostan and visit this Sassanid complex. Then drive to Moaven Almolk Tekkieh and enjoy its tilework. Afterwards drive to Bistoon registered world heritage complex and immerse into Pre-Islamic Persian heritage from Achaemenids, Selucians, and Sassanids and also Ilkhanid and Safavi inscriptions and Caravanserai from Islamic era.

Day 2


Drive to Baba Taher tomb. Baba Taher is a renowned Persia poet. Then drive to visit Avecina tomb. Avecina is a renowned Persian Philosopher and doctor. Later drive to the Hegmataneh pre-Islamic town and museum. Afterwards drive to the Jewish prophet tombs of Ester and Mordkhai. Then drive to Ganjnameh to visit Achaemenid inscriptions.

Day 3

Drive to Tehran. Head to Golestan complex  to visit a world heritage site from Qajar time. Then walk to Iran National museum and get amazed at its priceless pieces. After that have coffee in Naderi cafe and hotel where Agatha enjoed her coffee.

Day 4


Visit Saadabad complex and the green palace of the Persian king Reza Shah when Agatha Christi visited Persia in 1931. Later visit Niavaran Pahlavi complex.

Day 5


Drive to Isfahan. Get acquainted with the historic Royal square of Isfahan registered as a world heritage. Visit picturesque Royal mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque and Aliqapoo palace.

Day 6


Ponder on the breathtaking Armenian Vank church In Isfahan and marvel around Isfahan Armenian quarter, Jolfa. Stroll aside Isfahan river and admire the masters who built several bridges over it through the history.

Day 7


Drive to Shiraz in the morning and after the hotel check-in walk to Naranjestan Qavam mansion, the location of the "The house at Shiraz" short story written by Agatha Christi.

Day 8


Drive to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and Unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a world heritage. Meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting his poems.

Day 9


Drive to Bishapoor and get to know a deserted town from Sassanian dynasty and visit its Zoroastrian Anahita temple. Walk to Bbooyids dynasty mosque that was built there after Islam. Then drive to Tang-e Chogan to visit the Sassanian bass relieves and later drive to Bishapoor village and climb the mountain by the village to visit Bishapoor cave and the huge statue of The Sassanian king Shapoor in there.

Day 10


Visit Nasiralmolk mosque and Vakil bazar in the morning.

the house at shiraz book cover by Agatha Christie   The house at Shiraz short story

 Naranjestan qavam house shiraz  Naranjestan Qawam mansion, the location of "the house at Shiraz"

Nasir ulmolk mosque ShirazNasir ulmolk mosque, Shiraz

Sheikh lotfollah mosque Isfahan  Shikh Lotfollah mosque, Isfahan

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