Stay in 2 Historic Caravanserais located on the Silk Road, Stay in a pre-Islamic castle in the heart of one of the harshest desert in the world, stay in historic houses and taste the history, visiting the hottest place on earth in Iran’s Lut desert, Discover Persepolis.

Join us and Stay in the Caravanserais right on the Silk Road, Visit the hottest place on earth, stay in a breath-taking pre-Islamic castle, Visit Amazing Kaluts and

get amazed by Persepolis complex.


Day 1


See Iran National museum and get amazed at its priceless pieces, spend your time in the busiest Bazaar in Iran and maybe sip some tea in a nice tea-house. Discover the eye-catching precious collection of Jewels of Iranian 2500 years of Monarchy in the Iran Jewels museum.

Day 2


Drive to Isfahan. Get acquainted with the historic Royal square of Isfahan registered as a world heritage. Visit picturesque Safavid Chehelsetoon palace.

Day 3


Ponder on the breathtaking Armenian Vank church In Isfahan and marvel at the majesty of Isfahan's Jame mosque as the collection of Persian architecture in different periods of Iranian Islamic history. Stroll aside Isfahan River and admire the masters who built several bridges over it through the history.

Day 4


Drive to Anarak town, explore it and stay overnight in Anarak Qajari caravanserai.

Day 5


Drive to Mesr village. Driving into the sand dunes and visiting the historic villages around Mesr.

Day 6


Drive to Bayaze vilage, discover the village. On the way to Bayazeh visit other villages like Garmeh and Khur. Accommodate in Bayaze citadle at night.

Day 7


Visiting the picturesque Kharanagh village and its 3000 year old deserted citadel and gorges mountains.

Day 8


 Drive to Yazd and get into the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting their fire temple and towers of silence there. Admire people of Iranian plateau by visiting Yazd water museum and learn about the underground water canals, Qanats. Gaze at the high minarets and nice brick and tile work of Yazd Jame mosque and visit the marvelous Islamic Amirchaghmagh complex.

Day 9


 Drive to Zeinoddin desert and ponder life in Zeinoddin Carevanserai and its scenic surroundings.

Day 10


Get acquainted with Sufism and mysticism by visiting Moshtagh Alishah tomb, uncover Iranian old style hammams  in Ganjalikhan hammam of Kerman, see Kerman Jame mosque and its majestic Persia structure. In the afternoon drive to Mahan. Meet Sufis who have travelled a long way to pay homage to their  Sufi master Shah Nematollah Valiin his shrine. Laze in Shahzadeh Gardens and admire a great example of Persian gardens that depicts a high contrast between a green garden and a harsh dessert at the background.

Day 11


Drive to Rayen and spot the imposing deserted citadel of Rayen. Then drive to Shahdad and reflect on what natural forces and time has built there.

Day 12


Drive to Shiraz in the morning and after the hotel check. Head to the  Zand complex including the castle, gardens and mosque to get a sense of Shiraz as a capital 250 years ago.

Day 13


Drive to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and Unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a world heritage. Meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting his poems.

Day 14


Fly to Tehran, Visit Saadabad and Niavaran Pahlavi complexes of palaces, mirror work and tile work and galleries.

Day 15


Depart Tehran

Zeinoddin-Caravanserai-trip  Zeinoddin Caravanserai, Mehriz

 Bayazeh-castle-tour  Bayaze castle, Bayazeh village

Shahdad-camp-tour  Shahdad camp, Kerman

Anarak-Caravanserai-tour  Anarak Caravanserai, Anarak town

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