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first time to Iran, Visit Isfahan and Caspian sea


1st time to Iran questions! I am travelling to Iran simply because I couldn't afford to spend two weeks in Bahrain with the steep cost of accommodation. I am planning to fly Bahrain-Tehran-Bahrain for this side trip. I do not have a problem with visa - I get two weeks entry upon arrival as a Singaporean. Now here are the questions, which I would like to ask those who are familiar with Iran:

1. Where can I go to (nearby Tehran) where I can have quality time by the beach (swimming and jogging)? I know that the Caspian shores are not that far off from Tehran.
2. How many days would I need to allocate in Isfahan since it is the highlight of a visit to Iran?
3. What would be the best accommodations that would meet my budget (in Tehran, Isfahan & the recommended beach resort location? Can these be booked online?

1. Popular Beaches of Iran are:

Caspian Coast
Caspian Sea in northern Iran includes three provinces of Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran. With their tropical climate in summer and mild winters, beautiful sandy beaches, thick forests and large-scale rice paddies, charming beauty and proximity to Tehran, three provinces are very popular as holiday and weekend resort.

Several roads connect Tehran to these provinces, all through breathtakingly beautiful scenery, across the mountains or alongside rivers. One is the roads to Chalous on the Caspian coast which passes the popular ski resort at Dizin.

Kish Island Beaches
The coral coasts and sandy beaches of Kish Island have a special glow under the sunlight. The seawater near the coasts is clear, that the depths of the sea and all its aquatic life are visible.
Those interested in fishing and swimming can go for their favorite sports.
Facilities such as a recreational jetty, glass-bottomed boats, motorboats, and scuba diving equipment are available on the beaches.

Chabahar Seaport
Chabahar is in the coastal area of the Oman in southeastern Iran which holds specific location due to the prominent position regarding access to the free waters, and other aspects such as trade, commerce and navigation.

A rocky coastal area with a beautiful landscape is in the southern region of Chabahar. The shores of Oman Sea are valued for the recreational areas and those concerning the safe swimming zones, canoeing, water skiing and other such sports. Chabahar coasts are the best for water adventures such as windsurfing, diving and underwater excursions. Winters are the best for water sports and recreation.

Bandar Abbas Seaport
being the largest and the most equipped port with a strategic position over the Strait of Hormoz, Bandar Abbas is located on the south of Iran at an elevation of 15 meters above sea level. The wide beaches and gentle slopes are covered with silky sand, cleansed by fairly ample tides. It is pleasant enough to be visited in winter but in summer it gets hot and humid.  

The coast of this province is of two types, sandy and rocky. The sandy shores, however, provide recreational areas for water sports. And the rocky coast is a wonderful sight worth seeing. Being close to Abadan, Bandar-e-Abbas and Shiraz in Iran and other countries of Persian Gulf such as Kuwait and Bahrain, Bushehr attracts many tourists and visitors during winter.


2. Three days is enough to visit Isfahan. Isfahan is best enjoyed if you have time to relax down by the river and in the tea houses around Imam square. Isfahan is a city in central Iran. Located south of Tehran, it is considered by the locals to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. An ancient town and capital of Persia from 1598 to 1722, it was long noted for its fine carpets and silver filigree. Today textile and steel mills take over their place. Its architecture, tree-lined boulevards and relaxed pace make it one of the highlights of Iran's cities. The capital of Isfahan Province, and once the country's capital, the Persians call it "Nesf-e-Jahan", meaning "Half the World".

Naqsh-e Jahan, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Jame Mosque, Ali Qapu, Hasht Behesht, Chehel Sotoun,  Pol-e Khaju, Si-o-Seh Pol, Vank Cathedral, Maryam Church, Flowers Garden, Birds Garden are the must-sees.


3. For the hotels in Iran it is suggested to check: Iran hotels.


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