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I will be in Iran for 3 and a half weeks, it is my first time to Iran. There are a few questions I'm hoping you can help with? - I'll be travelling across the country incl. Masshad, Qom, Shiraz, Esfahan and Ahvaz and will stay at different types of places. As all hotels may not have Laundry service, is there generally any form of laundry service available outside of the hotels and residency establishments? - Is it safe to take my work laptop with me considering the current political climate? My primary reason for concern in this matter is that I work for the British military and co-workers who have travelled to Iran before have advised me that it can cause a problem. - Any suggestions on gifts for my 16 year old step-son would be greatly appreciated.



- Laundry services are widely available in every city and most of the hotels. Depending on the hotel you will accommodate in, this service may be available. In the case the hotel has not this service, just ask for their help about one in the neighborhood. In Persian laundry is called "Khoshk-Shooi".


- Bringing laptop makes no problem and no one will scrutinize it inside. But it is wiser and suggested not to have anything sensitive in it.

Iran is safer than many countries in the world. Just follow the general safety guidelines, don’t take photos of the airports, military areas and stick to the dress code guidelines and keep modesty in your cloth.


- Buying gifts from Iran really depends on his taste, but some Iranian traditional, folk, pop music records is a good suggestion. They are very cheap in Iran.

As another option you can purchase the delicious traditional confectioneries especially in Yazd, Qom, Isfahan and Tabriz. Or some buy dry nuts such as Pistachio.

Buying crafts is another option. You can find some nice leather works, wallet, small or medium size bags, at reasonable prices.


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