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I will be studying at Loghatnameh Dehkhoda for 6 months


I will be studying at Dehkhoda institue for 6 months, and I would like to share an apartment with Iranian students. I don't want to be on the lease, but just rent a room if possible. 1. How could I find a room to rent from other Iranians? 2. How would I go about renting the room? My Farsi is limited at best. 3. I was thinking of finding a sharehouse in Sth Tehran, as I heard that Nth Tehran rooms are expensive which I can't afford. A student from my university did this and recommended it. However the uni is in the north, so how easy is it to get public transport in the mornings? The Centre offers accommodation at University of Tehran or University of Shahid Beheshti. This is my other option and I will wait until my friend does her course this winter so that I can hear about it, but is there anyone here who's used this accommodation? I will be studying the intensive courses with other foreign students in a campus isolated from the rest of the university, so I am worried about not meeting lots of other Iranian students- I just want the most opportunities possible to immerse myself in Persian language culture. NB I currently live at uni accommodation in Australia so I know it's not great, but I am ok with it unless it's dirty or severely lacking in facilities.


ICPS Institution surely has dormitories available for students. It is better to get in touch with them directly through the below gates:



E_mail :">

Tel : +98 (0)21 22717120 , 22711902

Fax : +98 (0)21 22717118 , 22711700


Address: Loghatnameh Dehkhoda & International Center for Persian Studies Vali-e-Asr Ave., Pesyan Bus Stop, Shemiran, Tehran Iran


Furnished rooms, suites and houses are also available which can be rented in the case you prefer not to lodge in a dorm; it is of course more expensive and needs a bit time to find one. Real estate agencies can help you better in his regard.


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