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I'm a female traveler travelling to Iran this October. I need have some questions on the dress code in Iran.


I'm a female traveler traveling to Iran this October. I have a dark blue, sort of Indian-style top that's long enough to cover my bottom (but does not reach the knees), is closed up to the base of my throat and is shapeless at the waist. However, the sleeves do not go all the way down to the wrist - they stop just short of that at about halfway down my forearm. Would it be acceptable, along with a scarf to cover my hair and neck and long pants? I DO have a long one-piece coat thingy borrowed from a Muslim friend that goes all the way down to my feet and wrists to throw on when entering mosques. I want to know if I can wear this blue item when generally traveling around ie not at religious sites. I don't know if it's relevant - I will not be traveling as a solo female, but with a male companion. We will be visiting Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Choqa zanbil, Kashan and a few places around Zanjan.


Dress code for females in Iran is not really specific and defined. As a tourist woman in Iran you have to cover your hair appropriately. In order not to waste your time to make a suitable Mantuea, you can go shopping loose fitting garments which cover your arms and legs up to at least the knee area, over pants and a scarf in the summer, and a woolen coat and scarf in the winter. In summer a light one is acceptable. Dress attire for men is similar to that in Europe but the dress code for men in Iran prohibits short trousers and short sleeved shirts.Although Iranian men are not dressed in shorts, they will almost certainly wear short sleeved shirts and t-shirts. Sandals and flip flops without socks are acceptable for both genders and make no problem.


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