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At an Bangkok travel agency I been told to get the Visa on arrival for Iran.


At a Bangkok travel agency I have been told to get the Visa on arrival, I have to fill in an eVisa. But the form has not a section for a VOA. I did fill in the form, with the issuing embassy, Bangkok. But I got not a reply as it is used to be when you send something via Internet. Has anyone experience with the eVisa? Can I just go and pick up the VOA at the airport?


If you are going to collect your visa in Bangkok Iranian embassy then it is not a VOA but a prearranged visa.

For a VOA you don't need to fill in any form but first of all make sure the airline you are using to travel to Iran knows about the VOA rule and then board the flight to Iran and while you are at the airport, if your nationality is among the authorized ones (98 nationalities excluding USA, England, Canada, Colombia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Somalia), a 30-day extendable visa will be issued for you.


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