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I'm hoping for some clear advice on female dress code in Iran.


I'm a British female travelling with my boyfriend and we plan to cross Iran overland this May. I'm hoping for some clear advice on female dress code in Iran – I know there are already a few related posts on here, but I still don't feel clear on exactly what is acceptable these days. I know that women need to wear loose clothing covering their body, but just how strict is this?

  • Is it acceptable to wear long trousers or a long skirt/sarong, a long-sleeved shirt/blouse and a head scarf? Or do I need to wear a top with long sleeves down to my mid-thigh/knees?

  • Do I need to keep my ankles covered at all times?

  • Do I need to keep all of my hair covered at all times?

  • Are sandles ok as footwear?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated.


Female tourist in Iran has to cover their hair appropriately. They should also wear loose fitting garments which cover arms and legs up to at least the knee area over pants or skirt with a scarf in summer, and a full-length woolen coat and scarf in winter (calf-length is acceptable if worn over pants).

Sandals and flip flops without socks are acceptable for both genders and makes no problem.


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