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I am planning a trip to Iran (mostly Tabriz) in June with my husband.


I am planning a trip to Iran (mostly Tabriz) in June with my husband. This will be my first trip to Iran. All of the messages here have been so helpful! I wanted to ask about advice on dress and how to cope with the summer heat.
Would I be able to wear sandals?
Would I be able to wear linen skirts or pants, as long as I am fully covered, or are they too thin?
I also wanted to ask about the public restrooms. Are the bathrooms mostly Turkish style, and would I need to carry bath tissue with me? If I were out in public and had to use a bathroom, where would be the best place to go?


As a female tourist in Iran you have to cover your hair with a headscarf. You should also wear loose fitting garments which cover your arms and legs up to at least the knee area over pants in summer, and a woolen coat in winter. Most people are surprised by the dress wear in Iran once they find out that reality is far from the stereotypes. Typically Iranian women are stylish and take great care over their appearance.
Many Iranian women wear jeans or related clothes with a loose fitting long sleeve which covers to the mid thigh area. It is also common to see makeup and varnished nails.
Sandals and flip flops without socks are acceptable for both genders and make no problem.

The restrooms are mostly Turkish style but in the hotels, some restaurants, airports the European style ones are installed.

Never risk having no tissue with you to the toilet since almost everywhere it is not available.

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