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I got my Iranian visa!!!!!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who has given me advice over the last few days. (applied at embassy in Canberra with my Australian pass


I got my Iranian visa applied through with my Australian passport, received visa within 9 days - very fast - got 30 days. 1. I want to buy a flight from Dubai to Iran - is it possible to buy flights with Iran Air and Iran Aseman air online? 2. My boyfriend is going to go for a VOA. He has both English and Australian passports- which one would be better to use when applying for a VOA at Tehran?


For online reservation of the flights in Iran check: Iran flight ticket booking .

Travelers to Iran can apply for visa in three ways:

1. Fill in the visa form on Iran visa application, it takes about 3-7 working days to get your reference number and two working days to collect your visa at the embassy by direct referral or one working week by posting the docs to the embassy. You can pay the visa fee in cash in Iran.

2. Fly to Iran and get a 30-day on arrival visa at the airport. This kind of visa is issued for 98 nationalities excluding USA, England, Canada, Colombia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Somalia. If your nationality is among the countries authorized to get it, you can easily collect you visa against offering your passport, a passport-size photo and about 10-150€(depends on the nationality) to the staff at the airport. There is no need to fill in any form beforehand.

3. Refer to the Iranian embassy in your country and ask for a visa to be issued for you. Usually this way takes longer time about 30 days.


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