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What are the attractions in Khuzestan province including Shushtar, Susa and Dezful?


Do you have any information about the north of khuzestan?Dezful, Shushtr? there is a lot of sightseeing and historical sites. Dezful is the biggest bricks city of the world and according to stories you can see in Shushtar buildings that Roman soldiers have built them with milk of their horses!


There are wonderful monuments, attractions and activities available in Khuzestan province including Choghzanbil that is an Elamite Unesco world heritage site close to Susa, Shushtar historical hydraulic system as another world heritage site, Apadana palace in Susa one of the Acheamenid palace, the tomb of Daniel one of the Jewish prophets located in Susa, historic Sassanian bridges in Shushtar and Dezful, Daffodil farms around Dezful, Karun and Dez rivers and Elamite bass relieves around Izeh north of the province. There are Bakhtiari and Arab nomads living in that area too.


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