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I am planning a backpacking trip to Iran from 1-15 th of august


I am planning a backpacking trip to Iran from 1-15 th of august. My plan is: 1- 2. day: Tehran 3. Kashan and Abyaneh 4- 5. Isfahan 6- 7. Yazd 8. Meybod, Chak chak and Kharanag 9-10 Shiraz and Persepolis ... and the rest Kerman with Bam or Masuleh village Is it possible to see all this in 15 days. How is it with the old city Bam. Was it rebuild after the big earthquake in 2003 or is there nothing exept the ruins to see.


Your itinerary is a good one, for better options you can check Iran tours. By compressing your days and travel on the night buses, you will have enough time to visit Masouleh as well. Arg-é Bam was the largest adobe building in the world. It is listed by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Site "Bam and its Cultural Landscape". This enormous citadel on the Silk Road was built before 500 BC and remained in use until 1850 AD. The entire building was a large fortress in whose heart the citadel itself was located, but because of the impressive look of the citadel, which forms the highest point, the entire fortress is named the Bam Citadel. On December 26, 2003, the Citadel was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake, along with much of the rest of Bam and its environs but the citadel was never rebuilt.


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