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I'm about to make up my mind regarding the way back to Istanbul from Iran


I plan to end up around Oroumieh lake and either go to Sero or taake Piranshahr border crossing and travel for few more days through Iraqi (I mean Kurdistan) entering Turkey near Silopi. Could you please post any update for the Piranshahr border crossing? Is it open for non-Iranians/Iraqi/Turkish? I've heard sometimes you can travel one way but not the other (and the other is the one I'm interested in)


There are only two borders opened to foreigners between Iran and Turkey. The first is the Gürbulak–Bazargan border near Dogubayazit (Turkey) and Sahabat (Iran) - it is the busiest. The second border crossing between Van and Khoy is called Esendere–Sero and it is further south. The road turns into a dirt road up in the mountain.
The road thourgh Dogubayazit is a beautiful region with the stunning view of the Mount Ararat. The road going through Esendere-Sero is even more scenic. You can find Sero border on Google map at 37°43'24"N 44°38'26"E.


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