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My bestfriend and I are planning to travel from Europe to India overland. We'd love to see the Middle East, but want to make sure we're doing it in a safe way.


On our travel from Europe to India overland we'd love to see the Middle East, but want to make sure we're doing it in a safe way. We are and from Canada. We'd really like to visit Iran, which means are options are limited to the most direct - IRAN-PAKISTAN-INDIA. If we did choose this route, how would be go? ie. bus/train? Is it safe (relatively) for 2 girls to do on their own?


There are no open borders between China and India, you will have to go through Nepal. Anyway, Iran is amazing, don't miss that. As far as Pakistan is concerned, stay away from Peshawar and the northern frontier and you should be fine. Afghanistan is a no go and definitely more unsafe than Pakistan.

Iran-Pakistan border
Mirjaveh is a locality in eastern Iran on the border with Pakistan. It is the main road crossing point between Iran and Pakistan. The Pakistani border post is at Taftan. Mirjaveh is also the point where the railway line from Pakistan crosses the border on the way from Quetta to Zahedan. The border immigration opens in the Pakistan side around 9am. There is a gate only on the Iranian side. Mirjaveh is a small but relatively clean border town on the Iranian side and it has a huge guesthouse.

The Canadian visitors of Iran should take part in a tour and be accompanied by a tour guide to travel in Iran and accommodate in the hotels.In the visa application form the MFA should be informed about the hotels and itinerary in Iran. After having the reference number, the visa can be collected in two working days by direct referral or in one working week by posting the docs to the Iran embassy.
You should hire your guide or take the tour from the agency which applies for your visa. Moreover, the same agency should book your hotel as well, so it is better to take your all inclusive tour from that particular tour operator.

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