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Am just wondering if anyone has done the crossing from Zahedan(Iran) to Quetta(Pakistan) recently and has got any tips on the best way to do this.


Do you know about crossing from Zahedan(Iran) to Quetta(Pakistan). Basically, i am looking for info with regards to a place to stay in Zehadan (cheap if possible) and whether you had a police escort when there..something i would rather avoid. Plus, would it be better to take a taxi from Taftan to Quetta as opposed to the bus. Any info regarding this whole process would be very much appreciated.


Mirjaveh is a locality in eastern Iran on the border with Pakistan. It is the main road crossing point between Iran and Pakistan. The Pakistani border post is at Taftan. Mirjaveh is also the point where the railway line from Pakistan crosses the border on the way from Quetta to Zahedan. The border immigration opens in the Pakistan side around 9am. There is a gate only on the Iranian side.
Mirjaveh is a small but relatively clean border town on the Iranian side and it has a huge guesthouse.
From Zahedan to Quetta is better to travel in a public transport with local people rather than a privately hired car so better drop the idea of hiring a private car in this particular stretch.

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