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I'm planning a trip to Iran; from all the posts on here and people I've spoke to it seems like an awesome place to go


Iran seems like an awesome place to go I'm just wondering which places would be best to visit and when might be best to visit? I'm thinking about going from Turkey by train or coach. I'm then planning to go to India so would it be best to just get a train/coach through Pakistan, is this viable?


Iran has beautiful landscapes, fascinating ruins and cities, friendly people, amazing 3,000 years+ culture.
Iran is a country of all seasons, means that is each season a part is attractive. March-May and Sep-Nov are the best months.
The "Golden Three" usually include Shiraz, Esfahan and Yazd. Be sure not to miss these cities. If you do have extra time, Tehran well-worth seeing (esp. the Golestan Palace, the jewels at the Bank Museum and Northern Tehran).
Khozestan has strong Mesopotamia undertones - it's off the beaten path but fascinating if you have an interest in former Mesopotamia.
Kurdistan is interesting, too, but in the winter roads to smaller mountain villages may be closed.
On the way to Pakistan, be sure to visit Kerman - a beautiful and vastly underrated city in Eastern Iran. It's a good base for Mahan and the new Arg, Rayen.

In order to travel from Iran to Pakistan, the best option is to travel to the Iran border, cross the border and continue to Quetta on a coach from where you can take train to the other places in Pakistan. You will be scorted by the police as soon as crossing the border.


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