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I am a female with friends ahead in Iran ( so have convoy for crossing into pakistan) but driving such long distances alone can be tiresome


I am travelling overland from Istanbul to India. I am in an excellent mercedes ambulance - have driven from uk and wanting to continue. I am a female with friends ahead in Iran.


You should collect your Carnet de Passage before commencing your trip. The Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is a customs document that identifies a driver's motor vehicle. Many people drive to Iran via the borders. This requires a Carnet De Passage unless you wish to pay import tax. A Carnet can be acquired from your local drivers association. An international driver's license with translation into Farsi is highly recommended. Don’t count on chance and unreliable sources.
Petrol stations can be found on the outskirts of all cities and towns and in car-filled Iran, a mechanic is never far away.
There are two borders opened to foreigners between Iran and Turkey. The first is the Gürbulak–Bazargan border near Dogubayazit (Turkey) and Sahabat (Iran) - it is the busiest. The second border crossing between Van and Khoy is called Esendere–Sero and it is further south. The road turns into a dirt road up in the mountain. It is better to make sure it is open if you're planning to cross during the winter. The road thourgh Dogubayazit is a beautiful region with the stunning view of the Mount Ararat. The road going through Esendere-Sero is even more scenic.
Mirjaveh is a locality in eastern Iran on the border with Pakistan. It is the main road crossing point between Iran and Pakistan. The Pakistani border post is at Taftan. Mirjaveh is also the point where the railway line from Pakistan crosses the border on the way from Quetta to Zahedan. The border immigration opens in the Pakistan side around 9am. There is a gate only on the Iranian side.



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