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I was thinking of going to Khoram Abad


I was thinking of going to Khoram Abad (and then going to Hamadan, then Kermanshah, the mountains and Senandaj)....but the guidebook doesnt make Khoram Abad sound particularly interesting, and, by myself for 3 weeks only, I'm not so interested in walking in the mountains that I can do back in France. Should I just cut out Khoram Abad and start the trip from Hamadan?



Khorramabad is the capital of Lorestan, a province in western Iran which is situated in the Zagros Mountains. The city population is predominantly Lur, an Iranian people who speak Luri or Lurish language. During the summer season nomadic Lur tribes migrate here to sell their handicrafts in the city's numerous bazaars.
Although not a major tourist destination, it is quite scenic and possesses several attractions, such as 5 Paleolithic cave-dwelling sites. In the city center, a tall citadel called Falak-ol-Aflak (The Heaven of Heavens), a relic of the Sassanid era, is now a nationally popular museum. This cylindrical and brick minaret is a relic of the 5th century AH, located near the old city of Shahpour Khast. The same is also known as the minaret of Khoram Abad as it stands to the south west of this city. The vicinity surrounding this relic has been converted into a park.
Economically, it is the regional base of the agricultural industry.


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