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I would like to visit the Northeastern side of Iran


I visited Central , northern and northwestern Iran. Next time, I would like to visit the Northeastern side. Which cities (not incluiding the number one Mashad) should be recomended to visit? I am so interested in turkmen culture and its influence in Iran.


Start from Saari, then go through the coast line to Gorgan where the Turkmens are located.
Monday Bazaar in Bandar Turkman is a must see, while Ashooradeh Island is very beautiful place in the Caspian Sea. You can find Turkman handicrafts, carpets, as well as Caviar in Bandar Turkman. The area is also famous for its horses; you can manage to see those. Golestan and Khar Turan national parks are located in this area.
You can continue to east, to Bojnoord, Shirvan and Ghoochan, or go down to Shahroud, Damghan and Semnan.
The first one, means moving in almost same culture and nature but in different cities, ending up in Mashad, from which you can take a flight or train back to Tehran.
Turkmen Sahra that means Plain of Turkmens, is a region in the northeast of Iran near the Caspian Sea, bordering Turkmenistan, the majority of whose inhabitants are ethnic Turkmen.
It is a slightly hilly area, sloping gently towards the Caspian Sea.  Its climate ranges from moderate in winter to hot and dry in summer, which changes into a humid Mediterranean type around the Caspian Sea.  Yomut Turkman resides in this area.
The Turkman territories enjoy a variety of climate.  Regions close to Mazandaran province in the north of Iran have a moderate climate with green hills, fields and thick forests, near Golli Daq.
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