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I have a question about tours. Has anyone taken a tour and had changed the itinerary due to street protests or other disturbances?


I have a question about tours. Has anyone taken a tour and had changed the itinerary? There are certain cities I really want to see but I’m afraid the tour operator will change the itinerary if any kind of disturbance is occurring in one of the cities on the day we're supposed to visit it – which is certainly their right. I'm hoping not to have to miss an entire city due to a small disturbance in one part of it and would like to know what to expect.


Iran is quite safe and what is depicted on the media is not the reality but a narrow focus on the negative points due to the political controversies. It is better to search about the safety in Iran for the travelers and I am sure you will not find enough evidences of problems occurring for the tourists in Iran. The people are helpful and civilized and so keen to the tourists. Yellow taxis, public buses and metros can be used to commute fast and cheap and of course safe.
The itineraries will not change without being advised before you start the tour. So if the agency which you are in contact with has not told you anything about the shift in the priority of visiting the cities, then be sure that it will not change. In general it is better to trust your travel agent.


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