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I am thinking of visiting Iran in Aug. but I have heard that it would be the Ramadan month


Hi fellow travellers, I am thinking of visiting Iran in Aug. but I have heard that it would be the Ramadan month. Does anyone know if it is a good idea to be there in this holy month? And the weather will be very hot in late Aug/early September? Secondly, since I am a female solo traveller, I think I need to cover myself up at the moment I am entering in Iran, but I don't have any kind of islamic clothing. I would like to get advice on how I should dress. Thirdly, I would like to know how difficult/easy it is to backpack in Iran, as I have heard that English is not widely spoken especially outside big cities. Forthly, I have read a lot about visa application through agency. I wonder if it works for expats who are not living in their country (when it comes to collect the visa at the consulates, can I collect the visa at the consulate in the country where I am now living?) Fifly, I have about 2 to 3 weeks, what are the most recommended places to see ? Lastly, will I get a lot of unwanted attention as a female solo traveller? what should I pay attention to?I thank you in advance for all your kind attention,


Travelling at Ramazan isn't a problem. Of course non-muslims are not expected to fast. You can eat and drink, but you have to refrain from doing it in public, so just be discreet.
Obviously most restaurants are closed during the day, but a few remained open, behind curtains. You won't find any in smaller cities, but you can still buy food in shops. You can eat in bus stations as travelers are not supposed to fast. Some hotels were still serving breakfast, some other ones especially the cheaper ones were not.
Generally speaking backpacking in Iran is not difficult, even if you won't always find an English speaker. You will meet plenty of people willing to help you. A phrasebook might be useful for learning a few basics in Farsi.


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