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i therefore want to go to iran to improve my (currently terrible) persian for 3-6 months. my questions are


1) do you know of the best language schools in iran for those wanting to study persian as a 2nd language? 2) i also have a CELTA certificate (but no teaching experience) and would like to work part-time as well for £££ reasons. would this be possible at least informally? 3) are there any issues in getting VISAs right now? (i'm british.) 4) i have an israeli stamp in my current passport - should i get a new one? 5) if there are VISA issues, i would also consider tajikistan as a 2nd option for language reasons. i would therefore welcome any advice re: tajikistan using the above questions as a guide.


1. In Shiraz, Tehran and Esfahan you can learn Farsi. Dehkhoda School in Tehran and Esfahan and Shiraz University are the places to learn Farsi. They will provide you with the student visa and dormitory.
2. With your CELTA you can teach in Iran as a native.
3. The visa should be provided by the school you want to learn in. Otherwise you can get 30 days tourist visa which is not suitable for your case.
4. Due to the rules dominating over Iran, not only Israeli nationals are not allowed to enter Iran but also the travelers to Israel are not authorized to get a visa to Iran while they have Israeli visa stamp in passport.
5. The alphabet used in Iran and in Tajikistan are different, in Tajikistan they use Russian alphabets. Second if not all but mostly have a different accents. Tajiki Persian, especially in Dushanbe, where you'd be likely to end up, is full of Russianisms.


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