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Which place is more interesting - Shiraz or Isfahan?


How easy is it to get to Shiraz or Isfahan by plane? How to book flights? Which airline is safer? I guess the heat might be a problem. Is it feasible to sightsee the whole day or how else should I plan my trip? Which place is more interesting - Shiraz or Isfahan?


Both cities are wonderful in their own unique ways. Esfahan has the more spectacular sights and monuments, Shiraz the more mystic, poetic attractions where you'll meet wonderfully kind and interesting people. If you're interested in archeology, then go for Shiraz and hire a taxi to visit Persepolis, an impressive attraction. Beautiful market in Shiraz, and tomb of Hafez with it's Tchaï khane (tea shop) where you can easily meet Iranian.
In Shiraz, you can also meet people from the nomad tribes (Bakhtiyari and others) with their beautiful colorful cloths.

It will be hot in August, but avoid the late morning and early afternoon sunshine as much as you can, wear protective clothes and drink a lot and you should be fine. In the late afternoon it gets a lot more bearable and nights are magical. It’s the season of fruits also - one of the best times of the year in the Middle East. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and you stay healthy and alert and you will cope better with the heat.
Have a long lunch break in the afternoon. In some restaurants you can eat and then lie down in the cushions around the table and enjoy a lovely nap.


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