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Is it safe to visit Tehran / or as safe as other capital cities of the world at this time?


Iran is a country that has always appealed to me and I am thinking of a long weekend/a week later this year. 1. but is it safe to visit Tehran / or as safe as other capital cities of the world at this time? 2. What are the "must see" / "must do" things in Tehran, from somebody who has been / lives in Iran?


Tehran is a safe city if you consider the safety measure necessary in traveling in big cities around the world. You must be careful when you cross the streets as the driving here is different.  Being the capital of Iran, Tehran is a crowded city with a great number of people rushing everywhere but still they are helpful. The people are hospitable and helpful and other travelers feedback confirm this notion. The must-sees are Sa’dabad palace complex in the north of the city, Jewel Museum in the vault of the Melli Bank with lots of precious things owned by the royal family, National Museum with a great collection of archeological finds, Golestan Palace, Carpet Museum, American Embassy (only from the outside), Milad Tower, Imam Khomeini Mausoleum (a few miles outside the city, near the airport), Niavaran palace, Sepahsalar Mosque, Emamzade Zeid, St. Nikolas Church, St. Sarkis Church. Landmarks and parks: Bagh-e Melli Gates, Toghrol Tower, Azadi Sq. and Tower, Jamshidieh Park; Laleh park and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Park-e Mellat, Park-e Shahr (not looking into visiting all of them, of course, but want to be aware of the options when I’m on spot.

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