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What options for Khorasan tours similar to visiting Kang village?


If you call Vali in advance he will pick you up for free from the bus/train station. Vali also arranges inexpensive tours to Kang village (like Masuleh, but more authentic and I thought much nicer) and Abardeh. It is a loop, you start in Kang where he takes you to some good view points and talks about the village, than you walk through Kang village, he engages the locals and you have tea and snacks in one of the homes. After that you continue on through the village and eventually hike up a mountain, cross over to the other side and continue on to Abardeh where lunch is served, from there you get a bus back to Mashhad. He uses public transport, or hitches rides. Another tour Vali is starting to offer is a hike to the 'Roof of Khorosan' which is the highest peak in the province at about 3200 meters. There is also the hike that takes you from Tus to Neishabur via mountain roads/path which he offers. Of course he has his Turkmenistan Transit visa service, for 5 euro's he will deal with the visa hassles involved and you won't ever have to worry about it.

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