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I am an American who would like visa support for coming to Iran.


I am an American who would like visa support for coming to Iran. I plan to enter Iran from either Azerbajan or Turkmenistan in late June/early July. I realize I need a guide as well. I don't really want a tour because I want to travel cheaply. I want to see Tehran, Esfahan and then the Northwest as I am heading to northern Iraq. How much for costs, for visa and guide for about 7 days? Also what is the process to get the visa. I was thinking about getting the reservation number and then the actual visa in Istanbul. How long does the reservation # take. If I get the reservation # sent to Istanbul embassy can I then get the visa on the same day I apply in Istanbul?


The American visitors of Iran should take part in a tour and be accompanied by a tour guide to travel in Iran. The visa reference number for the Americans takes about 30-45 days to be secured from the MFA. In the visa application form the MFA should be informed about the hotels and itinerary in Iran. After having the reference number, the visa can be collected in two working days by direct referral or in one working week by posting the docs to the Iran embassy. Fill in the visa form on Iran visa application.


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