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My family and i will be travelling to Iran during the coming EID break 8th


My family and i will be travelling to Iran. We are thinking of only doing Tehran and Isfahan. I thought it would be better to concentrate on the 2 cities and spend the days city/nearby villages-sight seeing, going to parks and museums, local restaurants, carpet shops , bazaars,etc. 1. We would love suggestions on places to go in Tehran and Isfahan. 2. How convenient it is to be without the driver/vehicle for us, what do you think? Is using public transports (buses) with the kids advisable?


For Isfahan, You must see Imam square and the Bazar which is just beside it and you Must have a meal in Abbasi Hotel, have a walk along Chahar Bagh street, which runs all along Esfahan. In Esfahan, you will have options of Kowsar and Aseman hotels for high ends but you will not be able to book online.

You can travel in good buses of Royal Safar Company, it will be more or less the same time, and way cheaper, and almost the same comfort. With 3 kids, going to airport in Tehran, check in, flight for 35 minutes, then get your luggage, drive a long way to city will take you around the same time if you go by good buses.

In Tehran, there are more must sees than what you have mentioned, as well you can add some refreshing programs for kids such as Parks, like Mellat and Niavaran. You can go to the Jewel museum, Iran national Museum, Tehran Baazar and so on.


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