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We have a pilgrimage trip visiting IRAN in April.


1. SIM cards - easily available at Tehran airport & how much? different types ie by usage or time limit. 2. Wheelchair(1) required 4 ziarat in Mashhad, can it be hired with a handler for 4/5 days & how much/hour or per day? 3. Weather - in general, in april.. places like Tehran/mashad/Qom/Shiraz/Isfahan etc. do we need to bring warm clothes/jackets etc?


1. You can buy a prepaid SIM card of “Irancell” company which is available everywhere from the airport to the supermarkets at about 5 USD.
2. You’d better to ask your hotel or a travel agent to do provide you with this kind of services since it is easier for locals to pay deposit and rent one, but for tourists it might be a bit more complicated, especially that you are traveling between different cities.
3. Its also good to check weather forecast before your trip to see what you should expect.
But in general in April the weather could be crazy. In Mashad it will be about cold, while in Qom and Shiraz it will be quite warm climate, Tehran and Esfahan are more likely to have a mild weather, getting cooler as you approach evenings.
A good idea is to have some warm cloths with you especially for the elderlies and kids. If you are coming from Pakistan, you should be aware that Iran in general is cooler and milder than Pakistan.


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