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In March 2023 I am gonna have a long solo walk from Tehran to Takht e Jamshid (Persepolis).


I am gonna have a long solo walk from Tehran to Takht e Jamshid(Persepolis). Just walk. I don't really want to follow main roads all the time,casue it's not a fun. First part of trek will be west area od Dasht e Kavir-Great Salt Desert and here I have few questions. I am looking at the Google Earth and I see 3 options for crossing that interesting area. 1 easiest:follow a rail line which is going to Kashan 2: navigate a straight line from Tehran to Aran va Bidgol (close Kashan) around 160km 3: most tempting walk across Daryache Namak to Maranjab Caravansserai I have no questions for 1 option, but 2 and 3 gives me few things to think about. As far as I am doing research it looks that longest distance totally uninhabited shouldnt be longer than 100-120km. Did anyone of You guys travel across Daryache Namak?. It looks that there is some tracks to follow(Google Earth) but they dont link north and south "shores" of lake Namak. In February 2009 I was camping around 100km south of Damghan at desert and I found surface very hard to walk beacuse of mud. I worry that area west of Namak can be similar and other thig I read about is quicksands possibility. Next thing-animals. 2 years ago around Share Kord in Zagros mountains police officers warned me about accidents of wolf atacking human.


It depends on the timing of your trip. In rainy seasons it can be risky to cross the salt lake.

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