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8 Steps to Planning your 2024 Trip

Sometimes, the ability to create your own bespoke holiday can be overwhelming with all the different options available, especially if you are coming as a group.

We have put together the following guide to help you in planning your travel to Iran in 2024, but if you just want to talk it through with someone, give us a call or let us call you. We are here to help, talking about Iran is our favorite thing.

  1. Choose the time of year you would like to visit Iran
  2. Think about which activities or interests you have for the trip and how you want to travel. If you are a group, this may be wide-ranging but differences can always be accommodated with the diverse choice of opportunities
  3. What type of accommodation would you like, or maybe a mixture of experiences; camping with nomads, a beautiful boutique hotel or maybe a Caravanserai in the middle of Iran desert?
  4. Who is coming? How many people are in your group and what ages?
  5. Which areas are you inspired to visit?
  6. And overall, what would you like the feel of your time in Iran to be? Total relaxation, cultural absorption, absolute adventure or a mixture?
  7. Decide what timing suites you the best so that you can define what part of Iran is better to visit.
  8. With all this information, give us a call or let us call you to talk about your trip and start to put some ideas together

Clothing & Items to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing and walking
  • Walking shoes & Flip Flops/Walking Sandals
  • Long, cool cotton clothes to cover you for the evenings
  • A fleece if traveling in the cooler months for the evenings
  • Sun cream & a hat
  • A Head Torch can be useful!
  • A Camera
  • Small Day Rucksack
  • Emergency phone numbers and any important medical information
  • A photocopy of your Passport
  • Dioralyte – take at the first sign of dehydration
  • Chargers & Plug Adapters
  • a scarf and a manteau, cardigan, or long shirt for women

Your Iran Tour

Traveling on your own is quite fine except for the American, British & Canadian nationals who have to book a tour with an authorized travel agency. If you have booked a group tour or a private multi-day tour around Iran or a day tour or a cooking day tour in a city with us we will do our best to be a great help in organizing your trip so that you focus on enjoying and exploring this beautiful country.

Entry Requirements and Iran Visa

Many nationalities can get their electronic visa in their passport or on a separate paper though some American, British & Canadian nationals have to book a tour in order to get the visa. When entering the country, make sure your passport is stamped. Uppersia will get your visa invitation letter so that you can get your Iran visa. In 2024 more nationalities can travel to Iran without the need for getting a visa.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months following your stay in Iran but we suggest having 9 months remaining on your passport as a precaution. If you are unsure about this timing, please contact us.

Your Safety

Iran has consistently been an incredibly safe destination for travelers. When you decide on the timing of your trip please contact us so that we keep you updated on the situation in Iran.

COVID-19 and Iran

The cases of Covid-19 are recorded in a very low and mild lever in Iran in 2024.

Iran Facts


The international direct dialing code for Morocco is +98. Please check with your mobile phone provider if you are able to have coverage in Iran.

We recommend

  • Iran is a cash only country for you and due to sanctions you cannot use your credit card or ATMs in Iran. You can get an Iranian ATM card at the beginning of your trip or you can ask us to prepare it for your beforehand so that you don't need to carry paper money around.
  • Do take care of your belongings at all times. Carry your passport with you in your day bag as sometimes this may be asked for, take a photocopy of it and keep it somewhere safe in your bag; avoid carrying too much cash.
  • Dress modestly based on current regulations for men and women in Iran.
  • Do be aware that although shopping is a great experience it can involve a lot of haggling!
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